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Thread: Mechanical Help Required With Car In Auckland

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    Mechanical Help Required With Car In Auckland

    This is a bit of a weird one. I'm hoping someone here can help. I have a 1964 Ford Galaxie thats just arrived in NZ from Arizona. Its a project car that hasn't run in many years.

    The Galaxie is at the shipping company on Baxter Drive, Airport Oaks, Mangere Auckland. They were going to organize to transport the car down to me, but there is an issue with a tie-rod coming off and the front wheels are towing inwards. The transporters don't want to ship it because of this, as basically it won't roll, and so the shipping company suggested I find someone in Auckland who can go in and re-attach the tie-rod so the wheels both point straight ahead and it can be rolled onto a trailer.

    I was wondering if there is anyone here who can help? I'll pay all costs of course. Or maybe suggest a company I could contact to do the work?

    If you think you can help, could you please email me at:

    Many thanks
    Steve Holmes

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    I would have done that for you at no charge but you passed me by !

    (Ken H)

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    Hi Ken, ha ha, yeah that would have been good! I wasn't aware of the problem until the car was in NZ unfortunately, as it would have been a whole lot easier to fix it before it left the US.

    One of the guys at the shipping company is going to climb under the car tomorrow and sort a temporary fix so it can be transported, so I've got my fingers crossed that'll do the trick.

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    You could try a mate of mine, Shawn Retter in Palmy, he is Group Parts Manager at Courtesy Ford, his dad is Jack Retter, and this is his baby, he may know someone in Auckland. Or my uncle, Gordon may as well, if you need contacts, for either, let me know.

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    Does anyone here own an apartment at Hampton Downs they'd be willing to rent me this Thursday night?

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    Hi Steve. Did you get my e-mail regarding an apartment at Hampton Downs?

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