After a long discussion with my cardiologist, I have retired from Classic racing,the last 14 years in a 1964 Anglia,the 16 years before that in a 1974 Lotus Seven.My current toy is a 1965 Austin Healey Sprite Mk3.Back in the late 1960s I worked at the Levin Motor Racing Circuit, starting as a pit marshal,1971 to 1975 I was Chief pit marshal,in 1975 I became assistant Clerk of the Course.The last couple of meetings when Syd Jensen was running the track I was Clerk of the Course.My daytime job was at a local car dealership, where many overseas and local drivers prepared their cars, great times! I have a few slides of that era but am not sure how to get them scaned onto my computer? I also have alot of prints of the Brian Redman Classic at Road America taken the year after 9/11.