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    Jaysen eveleigh

    i live in Wellington New Zealand and I own the ex Kieran Wills and Phil Henley R30 skyline that Ive been currently rebuilding.when I got it approx 3 years ago it was all set up for a chevy v8. So I decided to carry on with this for now. However I do have a donar car sitting down the back to one day put it back to how it last raced at the Wellington steeet race in 1987 where it crashed.

    Reason for joining up here was because I was searching keiran wills trying to find photos of my car.and sore a post on here of someone saying they thought my car was written off but it wasn't �� Has been sitting in a shed since and now all going well will get back on the track next month for a shake down
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    Hi Jaysen, welcome to The Roaring Season. Its great to have you here.

    Thats an amazing story about your Nissan. Must have lived a colourful life! I'll share your post in the main General Discussion forum in the hope some more pics and info come to light.

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