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Thread: Keith Wombat Devereux

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    Keith Wombat Devereux

    Born Melbourne Australia.Now west coast USA.
    1970s Formula B USA. (Opert) 2 Liter sports cars (KVG racing) Formula Atlantic. (Sherson) Champ car )Team McLaren)
    1980s Champ car (Interscope). Champ car (Kraco)
    1990s Nissan GTP (NPTI). Champ car (Acrieo). Cosworth USA (track support). Champ car (PPI)
    2000s Cosworth USA (Engine builder) Space Exploration technologies (Engine technician)
    2010s Space Exploration Technologies. "Spacex" (Senior Technician R&D)
    2000-2016 Hobby. Part time track work on 1970s Formula 1 cars ( March/ Williams. Plus Chevron B36

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    Hi Keith, welcome to The Roaring Season. Its great to have you here. Thanks for the awesome intro. Do you have any photos from your racing days?

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    Thank you nice web site.Nice to see photos from Australia in the 60s. Yes i have some photos but no action. Because i was working in the pits. Keith

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