I live in Wellington NZ and currently building/restoring a 1964 Falcon Sprint to Monte Carlo Rallye spec's and after I finish reading 140 pages of Appendix K hopefully complying to that.
I have done a huge amount of research on these cars and nearly have all of the original parts to make this exact as possible.... Its been a mission but really enjoying it.
I've always been and old car nut 'particularly from 1955 to 1970'years are my favourites.
In 1989 I finished restoring a 1958 Ford custom 300, just a cool old fifties car.
in 2008 I built a Honda Integra Type R to race, Always wanted to race a car and figured this would be a good base to start, and it was, the car is a blast to drive (even if its only a 1.8L) its was a great car to start in.

When I finish the Falcon I am very keen to get this on to the track, however not looking forward to poking it into the corners with OEM 5.5 inch rims.
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