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Thread: BUILD THREAD For 1964 Falcon Sprint to Monte Carlo Rallye FIA spec'

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    Thanks Bruce,
    I have really enjoyed tinkering around with this project, probably why its taken so long to build! Anyway its on the home straight now.

    Dale Mathers from Coastline Automotive has built me an awesome original 9 inch Detroit locker diff and supplied some 31 spline axles etc, very happy with that.

    I have also finished the engine (road version) and gearbox, Super T10.
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    Fitted up the Hays clutch & pressure plate (same as 1964 original), every thing is ready to go in to the car.
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    The Falcon T10 gearboxes had a different tail shaft housing to the mustang (otherwise the same) the shifter is mounted much more forward in a Falcon than a mustang.
    Many mustang Falcon parts are not the same such as the clutch Z bar was specific to Falcon and 1964 is different to 1965 as are 6 cyl.
    There have been so many considerations to build this car correctly to Ford, Holman Moody and Alan Mann Racing 1964 specs.
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    Holman Moody made a huge amount of changes to the car for entry into the Monte Carlo Rally of 1964, but the Falcon needed to remain looking as an OEM production car.
    Ford had to comply with minimum production of 1000 Rallye Sprint cars so they offered an actual 1964 Falcon Rallye Sprint for 1964 (RPO) which included all of the Holman Moody parts that were fitted to the 1964 Monte Carlo Falcon Race cars. In turn these cars were actually classed as a regular production vehicle to meet the criteria for entry into the 1964 Monte Carlo Rally.
    I recently managed to find an original 1964 Falcon Rallye Sprint hand book.
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    What a find! all of the original part numbers too!
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    That booklet is great - to go with the Car well done Paul..

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    Semi-Pro Racer Paul B's Avatar
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    Thanks Roger,
    A real gem there with all of the ford part numbers and also shows Holman Moody part numbers so I know what was made at Holman moody that replaced the Ford parts. Hugely useful.

    The engine and gearbox is in the car now, still a few more parts to fit
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    Here is a pic from the 1964 car
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    Engine complete ready to fire.
    I will connect the external oil cooler later, Radiator with a left inlet will also be fitted later

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    Here is a pic of one of the original cars for 1964
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    This car was fitted with Girling brakes, the others had Kelsey Hayes front Discs
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