Started way back in 1987 as the Inter-Marque Sprints, this is entry level motorsport for those either wanting to start their motorsport participation somewhere low key, ease back into circuit work, or just keep their eye in between race meetings.

The series takes the form of single and dual car sprints from a flying start over 3 laps at Manfeild. It's not aimed specifically at classic or historic cars - more Run What You Brung - although a few notable older cars show up from time to time. We even had John Rush share his V8 Escort with a mate at one round last year.

We also happily allow passengers in line with MotorSport New Zealand regulations, so those of you wanting tuition (either driving or passengering) have an opportunity to do some learning or get thrilled/impressed/frightened.

Single car sprint competitors don't even need competition licences so it's a great opportunity to see if participation is your kind of thing without having to give MSNZ any money directly (we can of course arrange day licences for those without who want to enter the dual car sprints).

Spectating is free and so long as you are quiet you can usually come into the operations/timing room for a raise view of the track.

The series is run by current and former classic/historic competitors, so there is little of the Wielding a Little Power Like a Big Stick mentality - of course on the other hand we can also spot those competitors who are more mouth than trousers... There is also the odd TRS forum member to be see competing or wandering round the pits discussing HSS, HMC or HSC classes.

For more information and copy of the first round's Supplementary Regulations and Entry Form, go to: