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Thread: Hi Everyone

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    Hi Everyone


    Sorry it has taken a little while to finally get round to posting.

    I have read a few posts and good to see there is good discussion opposed to constant arguing.

    I am not a racer but have an interest in the sport and love classic sports and race cars. Currently have a Triumph TR3 and a Piper GTT.

    My grandfather was in Italy in WW2 and served with Peter Whitehead and Peter Walker and told stories of their times racing Willys Jeeps around the camp sites. His parents in turn also lived across the road from Roy Salvadoris parents and would often be treated to whatever the current race car was on a weekend afternoon.

    A main reason for joining the site is I am trying to track down a car that we believe was taken to NZ in 1966/67 by Ross Greenville. I see that a lot of you had met Ross and shared stories. Unfortunately I have only just found this information and had it been to hand a few years back im sure the answers would have been a lot easier to find.

    The car is a Piper GT Sports racer that Ross was said to have taken home with him from the uk.

    I see he raced for the Gemini F3 team which is where he would have been introduced to Piper as the company was formed by George Henrotte, who also ran the Gemini team.

    Link to Piper club

    I would love to hear if Ross ever mentioned this car or if anyone saw or knows what has become of it?

    Thanks for now


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    Welcome! Good choice of car(s)!

    May 4th 1968

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    FYI. From the Chris Barber Website.

    Does anybody know about Chris Barber racing and the piper cars as the GTr and other models and more importantly any photo's as I am doing research on the pipers
    Ian Stanley
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    Hi Ian


    Have you been to the Piper site I mentioned above.

    You can PM me and I can put you in contact with those with more info than myself.

    Couple of pics of my cars
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