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Thread: SCANZ and 2 Litre NZ Sports Racing Cars

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    Bob Homewood....... Hart Engine

    Quote Originally Posted by bob homewood View Post
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    Rhubarb 2 and 3 Bay Park
    This from my third Season with Rhubarb 3 when I raced it with the 416b Hart based engine ,Tino had a Mazda rotary engine in Rhubarb 2
    Hi Bob , tell me more about the hart based engine ,,,,, this was a few yrs before I had a crack at SCANZ... & what lap times did this do ..... Thanks Granteeeee

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    Hi Paul, just a bit of nostalgia for you, I have the Rhubarb 1 car.It still exists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamie View Post
    Hi Eugene good to see you pop up in print I see you live in Ausi now. Are you still racing
    Jamie A
    Jamie, yes it's ben a long time. I moved to Oz after the divorce and the first of two battles with the deadly "rust". Health problems and starting-over have kept me out of racing, but I try to follow what I can back in NZ mostly as the Aussie sports-racing scene is limited to state level championships in NSW and Queensland with only club sprint style events in Victoria. Surfing over the last couple of months was interesting, Ralph Young's BDV up for sale twice (before and after an engine haemorrhage), Lester Reader's(RIP) LJR, a new-build rear-engined sports-racing cars and a SCANZ car in bits. In addition t bringing back heaps of memories of my brief time in SCANZ with a couple of U2's and a failed attempt with Rhubarb 2, it got me thinking about buying a project to restore now that I have the time and more importantly the ultimate requirement .... the money to do it properly for once.


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    If any one interested ,Planning on getting a run out of Rhubarb 3 this weekend 5/11/16 for the teretonga 60th this weekend if any 1 has any info on current lancia motor in it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sportscars 1980-82

    Name:  Sportscars-Brake-Pukekohe81.jpg
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    Name:  Sportscars-start-Pukekohe81.jpg
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    Name:  SCar-4-Puke-1981.jpg
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    Name:  SpCar-2-Puke-1981.jpg
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    Name:  SCar-88-Puke-1981.jpg
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    Name:  Sportscar-8-Baypark1980.jpg
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    Mallock U2's and others at Taupo 1998 - photos Bruce Dyer collection

    As mentioned on other threads, Bucklers, and Ralph Watson, Bruce Dyer sent me some photos from a meeting at Taupo in 1998;
    this seems the right place for the Mallock U2's and also the Fiat Targa.

    Name:  Bruce Dyer collection #4 Mallock U2 #183 Manfield CCI08012017_0003 (760x511).jpg
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    Name:  Bruce Dyer collection #5 Mallock U2 #183 fr CCI08012017_0004 (760x503).jpg
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    Name:  Bruce Dyer collection #6 Mallock U2 #28 Manfield  CCI08012017_0005 (760x505).jpg
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    Fiat Targa
    Name:  Bruce Dyer collection #3 Fiat Targa Manfield CCI08012017_0002 (760x512).jpg
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    Looks like the " Northland [ Jackson-Logan ] Special " and a Riley Special in the background as well as a single seater

    Have a couple of shots of a Kieft too .. unsure where to place them as is a single seater !!

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    Hello friends, I am an Italian pilot, very fond of sport prototypes of the 70s, 80s, in the world; I ask you kindly if you can send me to the email address: some photos of sport prototypes from New Zealand, 70s, 80s and how they are called; many thanks, many greetings Lorenzo Alia

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    Hi friend Steve, I am an Italian pilot, great lover of sports prototypes 70s, 80s, in the world; I ask you, please, the name of the N9-18-Mills-17-4-2-1-PARTRIDGE CRANES-59-7-24; I am interested only those built in New Zealand; my email address is:, I am also on facebook: LORENZO ALIA; many thanks, many regards

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    Hi friend Steve, I am an Italian driver, great lover of sports prototypes of the 70's and 80's in the world; I ask you, please, also the name of the New Zealand sports prototypes of the 80's N7-4-2-88-8; I am only interested in those built in New Zealand; my email address is:, I am also on facebook: LORENZO ALIA; many thanks, many regards

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