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Thread: SCANZ and 2 Litre NZ Sports Racing Cars

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    Hi, Following is a partial history of Rhubarb2 I wrote when I sold it. The car is currently for sale at I currently own Rhubarb4, and also had Rhubarb 5 for a while. It is now in Auckland but I can't remember who i sold it to.Last seen it was having new tub bits made by GLC. Rhubarb 3 is with Ralph Smith.
    First mentioned as being built October 1974.
    First raced at Manfield 14/15 December 1974 placing 7th.Driven by Colin Smith.
    It was rebodied before its next race at Manfield January '75 placing 3rd
    Then repainted in Auckland Building Society colours for Bay Park where it achieved pole position, 2nd place and a lap record.
    Then raced at Pukekohe placing 3rd followed by Manfield placing 2nd & 3rd.
    Overall acheiving 3rd in championship 1x7th,4x2nds,2x3rds, lap records at B.P. and Manfield and pole at B.P. and Ruapuna.

    Advertised for sale end of '75 season.

    Reappeared '79-80 in the hands of Tino Korzelius with rotary power, no mention of him using it much. Bought by Dave Bull September '82.Raced at Pukekohe 12 December '82 doing 1.19.3 before breaking a driveshaft.
    Sold to Murray Low still with rotary power August '83, fitted with Nissan.
    Raced Manfield 29/9/84 placing 7th,
    Taupo 19/1/85 4th,
    Manfield 9/2/85 9th,4th,
    Bay Park 10/3/85 dnf
    acheiving 7th overall in championship.

    Sold to Trevor Larsen in '86 running Nissan SOHC
    Raced Pukekohe 12/10/86 dns broken ignition
    Taupo 23/11/86 placing 10th,10th,
    Bay Park 30/11/86 6th, 5th,
    Bay Park 24/3/87 DNF, 5th.
    Sold April '87 to Chris Robertson who never used it, then to Andrew Blackberry who rebuilt it using Rhubarb 5's Mararn body modified, a new Mk8 Hewland and FJ20 Nissan power but didn't use it a lot due to engine problems, who then sold it to me.
    I then fitted a Nissan SR20 engine, first running at a clubmans meeting 28/10/95 as a shakedown.
    Pukekohe 12/12/95 Crashed in practise. Races red flagged and meeting cancelled due to inclement weather.
    Manfeild 17/2/96 DNF broken ignition
    Taupo 24/3/96 3rd , 3rd
    Taupo 27/4/96 Peter Benbrook driving dnf (flat tyre) 7th
    Manfeild 18/5/96 7th, 6th
    Manfeild 5/10/96 clubmans, running off FF grid.
    Manfeild 14/12/96 Richard Gillies driving. (No notes)
    Manfeild 15/2/97 DNF flywheel bolts pulled out of crank
    Taupo 22/3/97 4th ,3rd
    Taupo 29/3/97 4th, 5th
    Manfeild 19/4/97 reverse direction, raining, 2nd, 2nd ,3rd DNF while leading due to driver error.
    Manfield 6/9/97 clubmans running off FF grid
    Pukekohe 7/12/97 Peter Benbrook driving. DNF bodywork disintegration, 5th
    Leased car to Steve Bullot
    Taupo 5/12/98 DNS blown ignition
    Pukekohe 13/12/98 3rd, 4th
    Taupo 30/1/99 6th, DNF sick engine & blown diff
    Dynoed & new diff
    Taupo 21/2/99 DNF sheared driveshaft bolts
    Car returned
    Manfeild 16/5/99 clubmans (wet) running with FFs
    Manfield 24/7/99 clubmans running with FFs
    Fitted LSD
    Taupo 4/12/99 3rd, 3rd

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    SCANZ at Ruapuna May 1974.
    Ian Bisman
    Name:  SCANZ Ruapuna May 1974_0003_NEW.jpg
Views: 2046
Size:  66.6 KB

    Name:  SCANZ Ruapuna May 1974_0002.jpg
Views: 1953
Size:  55.9 KB

    Murray Baker in the Heron
    Name:  SCANZ Ruapuna May 1974_0001.jpg
Views: 1964
Size:  61.2 KB

    McLay Rayner Ford
    Name:  SCANZ Ruapuna May 1974_0004.jpg
Views: 1951
Size:  46.6 KB

    Frank Bray Bray SMP
    Name:  SCANZ Ruapuna May 1974_0005_NEW_0001.jpg
Views: 2634
Size:  83.6 KB

    What were the Bisman and Chamberlain cars?

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    The Bisman car was his GI37S, based on the Begg Mono
    I can't see the Chamberlain car, bit IIRC he was racing a U2 at about that time

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    You've got some neat photos in your collection tonttu.

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    You'll like these Bob, they were sent to me by Warwick Clayton. He has a bunch more sports car photos. I can put you in touch with him if you like?

    Name:  1131 - Copy A.jpg
Views: 1887
Size:  71.4 KB

    Name:  1290.jpg
Views: 1818
Size:  64.4 KB

    Name:  1449.jpg
Views: 1909
Size:  63.6 KB

    Name:  1238.jpg
Views: 1831
Size:  67.3 KB

    Name:  1528 A.jpg
Views: 1907
Size:  82.8 KB

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    Thanks for that Steve I ,had heaps of folks asking me today who or what the hell was Wall Colmonoy,the Black and White photo doesn't really do justice to the paint job Steve Carted did on that car for me

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    Even in the b/w photos the paint on that car really pops!

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    Rhubarb 3 looks a pretty car I presume you made your own body moulds
    was the chassis space frame or had you created a monocoque?
    what uprights brakes gearbox did you utilise?
    Yes I know Im behind you guys, i like warm beer and it rains a lot here too.

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    Yes SID 2 siill in NZ Peter Benbrook has it in Auckland Jamie A

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    OK, my good buddy Warwick Clayton has emailed me a stack of photos for this thread, approx 45 altogether. So I'll start posting them, and let you guys do the captions. Will take a couple of days to get through them all!

    Name:  1085 A.jpg
Views: 1687
Size:  114.9 KB

    Name:  1079 A.jpg
Views: 1634
Size:  94.3 KB

    Name:  1081 A.jpg
Views: 1657
Size:  96.3 KB

    Name:  1084.jpg
Views: 1644
Size:  85.2 KB

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    Noble Special photos?

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Holmes View Post
    Name:  1119.jpg
Views: 1642
Size:  96.8 KB

    Name:  1124 A.jpg
Views: 1598
Size:  106.3 KB

    Name:  1125A.jpg
Views: 1672
Size:  97.6 KB

    Name:  1126 - Copy A.jpg
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    Hi Steve, great images of the SCANZ cars. Are there ay pix of Russ Noble's Brabham-based Noble Special among the photographs you've received?
    David Manton

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    Russ Noble

    Name:  Russ Noble 2b.jpg
Views: 1592
Size:  147.5 KB

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    Hi there David, I'm not actually sure. I don't have any pics of cars that look exactly like the one Mark has posted above, but there are some cars in the collection that share similarities, and I've not seen many photos of the car before to do a comparison.

    Here are the next batch:

    Name:  1127 - Copy A.jpg
Views: 1815
Size:  123.9 KB

    Name:  1129 - Copy A.jpg
Views: 1774
Size:  107.7 KB

    Name:  1130 - Copy A.jpg
Views: 1780
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    Name:  1131 - Copy A.jpg
Views: 1784
Size:  99.5 KB

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    Hi Steve wrote a big long post eirley today with names and all hit the wrong button bumer .But the phots are awsom will try and fill all the names tomorow Jamie

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    Thanks Jamie, that would be great! I do recognise several of the cars, but would really appreciate your input, given your history in sports car racing. Would really love to know what car #39 in Post 37 is?

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    Posting #22, car 126, titled Murray Baker in the Heron, Murray told me today that it was him but it is the Noble he is driving, after an excursion through a fence at Puke.

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