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    It might have been posted before. If you are using Photobucket to upload pics you will find they have been removed from your thread. They are demanding a USD35 fee for uploading to a third site. Bloody robbery and I would say illegal !

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    I think like facebook they are a law unto themselves, chainy.

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    Correct !!!!

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    Well, the photos haven't been 'removed from the threads'...

    Photobucket are charging an extortionate fee of $399 to enable third-party linking. So they block the pics from going across to the threads and send a message instead that essentially means you haven't paid the fee.

    Imageshack did the same a few years ago, others might copy it. But Imageshack only charge a small fee, Photobucket has gone right over the top.

    I use Postimage, they're free.

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    Ray, All the pics I have used in "Motorsport in Miniature" from my Photobucket page have gone. See whats left from page one on ?
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    Do you not still have the pics on the computer from which you uploaded them?

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    Yes Ray, I do but that's not the point.

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    They've ripped you off, right?

    But there's nothing you can do about it. If you upload to Postimage and then go through and edit in the 'hotlink for forums' codes to put the pics back you can overcome this.

    A lot of work, but there's really no alternative. Though Postimage is not the only free service, and it might also be worth setting up your own webspace. You might have some in your deal with your ISP, and you can certainly buy it from many places.

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    I've deleted my photobucket page. Greedy bastards.

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