Hello everyone,

I'm french, 33 years old, working in the automotive industry.
I've always loved the G4, but my first fun car was a Caterham 1600K SS bought in the UK. After a crash it was converted to LHD, with the 6 speed gearbox and LSD, it's a car I thought I could never sell.
Caterham 1600K SS (1997)

After the Caterham was paid, I wanted to buy a Lotus Elan, but the prices increased a lot, and I finally bought a great, but more affordable Ginetta G15. What a lovely car! It's rare and beautiful, with some Elan styling touches.
Ginetta G15 (1972)

For the nice days in spring and summer, I use this Fiat 128 as a daily driver. It's a really lovely car, with a very pleasant engine (still the Fiat Lampredi OHC, but now 1500cc and 5 speed gearbox)
Fiat 128 1500cc (1974)

I've always wanted a comfortable saloon for long trips on the motorway. The Jaguar XJR is perfect for that, and pretty cheap for the power delivery!
Jaguar XJR8 (1998)

Last year, I had the opportunity to buy an Elan. Unfortunately I had to sell the G15 to buy the Lotus. But considering the prices rising, if I ever wanted to own an Elan, it was the last possibility for me. What a great handling!
I thought I could keep it along with the Caterham for decades, but...
Lotus Elan Sprint FHC (1972)

... but a friend sent me an advert of a nice Ginetta G4 in the USA. It was affordable. I was on vacation, but I contacted the owner. He wanted to sell it quickly, and I had to sell the Caterham and the Lotus to buy this great car. Unfortunately, it took too long to sell the Elan, and I let this G4 go to another happy owner.
Now my 2 cars sold, I really wanted to find a G4, so I went back to a G4 owner I contacted 2 years before. His car was absolutely perfect, but back then, the Euro / NZ Dollar balance was not good for me. When I saw the new rates, I couldn't believe it! With the money of the Caterham and the Elan, I could now afford and have this lovely car shipped to France!
Some of you know this car as it has been raced extensively in NZ from the 80s until now, by a very friendly chap called Tony.
Here it is, ready to be shipped in a few days! I can't wait!
Ginetta G4 (1963/4)

By the way, I have seen some of you here have some great photos of races taken during the 80s in New Zealand, but the main image host used (the bucket one) removed many of them.
If you have some photos of my car, I would really love to see them as I want to document the history of this car, modifications, colour changes, races attended etc...

Thanks for your help!