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Thread: Blast from the Past

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    Yes, Ken, quite unforgettable...

    Harves was a great one to be talking to in a situation like that. A bit of a deep thinker at times, and always articulate.

    It followed up from seeing Alan Jones completely demoralise Nelson Piquet at Monaco, then run low on fuel and the 'soldier on' or 'never give up' of Gilles Villeneuve earned him the win.

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    The WM at speed:

    Rondeau on Mulsanne:

    A group of cars on Mulsanne:

    Safety car in the chicane:

    WM in the chicane:

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    That was a sad Le Mans and a few people would never get to ever go home again after that event.
    It seems Thierry Boutsen was extremely lucky to survive his WM accident.


    The WM Peugeot P81 was a good looking car.
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    Again thanks for sharing. All those trees along the straight must have been rather daunting before the barriers were installed !
    I had just arrived in the US in 1972 and the papers were reporting the death of Jo Bonnier amongst those trees during the 1972
    Le Mans event.

    ( Ken H) P.S. Looking at your photo and the programme is it Peugeot Esso or Esso Peugeot ?
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