Hello, I'm new on this forum.

I'm a big Alfa Romeo fan and did a lot of racing with saloon cars until 3 years ago when I bought my first Formula 3 car.
A Dallara F392 with an Alfa Novamotor.
Last year I bought in Italy a Brabham Bt38c (chassisnumber 18) with an Alfa 2 litre engine. The car was untouched for more than 40 years and has to be restored completely. Since I have the car I'm trying to trace the history of this Formula 3 car. Untill now I know that the first driver in 1972 was Alan McCully of New Zealand who drove in the AIRO team together with Alan Jones in the British F3 championship. Later in the season it was Damian Magee who drove the Brabham.
It would be great to find some pictures of that time so I can repaint the car in the original color sheme. It would even be greater to get in contact with Mr. McCully!
The original Ford engine was changed in '73 or '74 by an Alfa engine prepared by Gianni Reggiani of Modena. I have some pictures of the car in a hillclimb with Italian Bruno Battel at the steering wheel.

With kind regards,

Ron Sanen