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Thread: SCCA regional events in Texas etc. 1960s-70s through the lens of Jerry Melton

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    More regarding Greenwood Corvettes.

    " In 1977, the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) opened up the rule books to allow full tube-framed cars to compete in their North American Road Racing series. That prompted some of the front runners to opt-in to this new potential, John Greenwood being one of those from Corvette’s camp.

    He joined forces with Bob Riley and the team that would later make a name for themselves as Protofab. The chassis was built by Charlie Selix and Gary Pratt (later Pratt and Miller) from large two-inch chrome-moly tubing, using extensive triangulation for strength." (Andy Bolig.)

    I always thought this was a good looking machine with heaps of grunt but with few results even though it raced until 1983.

    Name:  1977 . First Tube Frame. # 77.jpg
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    Name:  1977. # 77 at speed.jpg
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    Name:  1977. # 77 in the rain..jpg
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    Name:  1977. On track.jpg
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    Greenwood leading the Mancuso Corvette.

    Name:  Greenwood Corvette. TF 001. # 6. Greg Pickett.jpg
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    The same Corvette C3 # TF 001 now raced by Greg Pickett in 1978 - 1983

    Name:  1978. Greg Pickett.jpg
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    The second Greenwood tube frame Corvette has just had a beautiful restoration by the Bruce Canepa shop and is for sale.
    Check the workmanship in the photo gallery at this site.

    Here you are folks with an opportunity to have some fun even if you may have to sell the farm to get it !

    (Ken H )
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    In 1972 at Waterford Hills the Austin Mini Cooper seemed to have a slight handling advantage over the Ford Pinto !

    Name:  Austin Mini Cooper in 1972.jpg
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    Name:  Ford Pinto. 1972..jpg
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    (Jerry Melton photos..)

    Ken H

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    Some of the sedans racing in 1972.

    Attachment 62485
    A Volvo P1800

    Attachment 62486
    A TVR and an NSU competing in the rain.

    Name:  Yenko Stinger.jpg
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    A Yenko Stinger. (Jerry Melton photo..)

    More can be read about the Stinger at this site which also includes the Yenko Stinger Tech Manual.

    Name:  YenkoManual01_jpg.jpg
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    (Ken H)
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