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Thread: Article: Holiday Snaps - Part 4

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    Article: Holiday Snaps - Part 4

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    This is the fourth and final batch of motoring related photos I snapped during our European holiday which ended with a five day stint in Kuala Lumpur on the way home. Following our epic journey from Amsterdam down to Montpellier, in the south of France, we drove back up to Amsterdam via Dijon, where I realized a 25 year ambition of visiting the incredible Schlumph brothers collection, as depicted in Part 3.

    Upon leaving Amsterdam, we caught the train to Brussels to stay with Helen's Aunt and Uncle. I was aware of Autoworld Museum in Brussels, but wasn't sure if I was going to visit. We'd already been travelling for seven weeks, and it was getting harder to find stuff to be impressed by. I'd become a little overloaded by amazing old buildings and scenery. But I'm really glad I made the effort. The collection here is diverse, but covers aspects to please any car enthusiast. And aside from the displays, the building itself, and the surrounding buildings, are absolutely stunning, and worth effort alone.

    When I visited Autoworld, the theme was the history of the American car. The museum sports a massive mezzanine floor, which I assume is the area where the revolving themes are displayed. The American car display was hugely impressive, and aside from the cars themselves, there was a faux Diner, Drive-in, Service Station, plus various auto manufacturer signs etc. I was really impressed.

    Autoworld covers everything from veteran cars to racing cars, and even modern day supercars. I was so impressed by the place, and enjoyed the diverse displays. Given the previous three museums I'd visited, impressive as they were, they followed a fairly narrow theme, so this was a refreshing change of pace.

    I spent probably three or four hours at Autoworld, and snapped photos of most of what was on display. I missed a lot of the information boards, so some of the vehicles may remain a mystery if you can't ID them.

    If you're passing through Brussels, I highly recommend this place.

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    This is Autoworld from the outside, as well as some of the amazing nearby buildings and architecture.

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    Its actually really tough to capture just how impressive the building is from inside with a photo. This was my best attempt. It really doesn't do the place justice.

    Upon walking through the entrance, this is the view you get. Thats the mezzanine in the background with the stairs leading up on either side.

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    Upon entering, there was this neat little display of American and American powered racing cars.

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    In addition were a pair of display cabinets housings 1:43 scale Nascar stock car models.

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    There was no info on either of these cars, although the beautiful Lola T70 is, assume, the actual car raced in period by Hugh Dibley. Motorsport magazine did a great feature on Dibley a few months back.

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    FIA Appendix K 289 competition Cobra was just awesome.

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    I could be wrong but my guess is the C1 Corvette was newly built for historic racing. Races for Pre 1963 GT cars have become hugely popular in Europe in recent years.

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    This is the Gary Morgan 1967 Camaro that raced in the SCCA Trans-Am series in period. I recall it coming up for sale a few years ago in the US, before it was sold to a European buyer. Has done a handful of historic racing events since.

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    Some of the early stuff:

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    I don't know if the Shelby team F100 was the real deal, but it sure looked cool.

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    Does anyone have some tips for motor museums in Rome?

    I've googled and all I've found is one for Police cars, which actually might be quite good, but there seems precious little. Only a month to go until I finally get to Schlumpf.

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