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Thread: Photos: 2018 Monterey Motorsports Reunion

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    As I drove away from parking lot I crossed over part of the original Laguna Seca circuit, so I stopped and thought back of all the famous drivers who had driven on this piece of macadam as they sped from Turn 2 along this straight before heading up the hill toward the "Corkscrew Turn".
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    Looking back toward Turn 2 where the new course turns away to right toward the infield area.

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    Looking past my trusty BMW chariot to where the infield part joins up and heads under the bridge and up the hill.

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    The Turn 2 corner as it looks today instead of the long sweeper as it used to be. A few drivers such as Mario Andretti, Keke Rosberg and Warwick Brown have managed to find their noses in the dirt of the bank on the outside of the turn on the right as I tried to point out.
    The other arrow points to where I stood to take the old circuit photos.

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    An 1987 photo showing turn 2 before the track was altered and the turn now is almost a hairpin.
    Back then you could walk along the access road and look right down on the cars racing by.

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    As Nissan was the featured make this year I think it rather fitting that my final photo is one I took of Geoff Brabham at speed in his Nissan GTP ZX-T # 83. May 1987, as he speeds along the track I was standing on in August 2018.

    (Ken H photos.. )
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