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Thread: Photos: The John Judson Collection

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    Pictured in the paddock at Wigram, beautiful Lamborghini Miura. Where is it now?

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    This is Trevor Crowe's Chevy V8 powered Toyota Corolla OSCA car. Crowe, who didn't have much money at the time, built this car from a wrecked four door sedan. According to Crowe, it had been barrel-rolled, and its occupants were killed. he worked at Toyota at the time and was able to purchase brand new coupe rear quarters and roof, and modified everything else to suit.

    I believe this car later went to Mike Moore, the speedway racer, who circuit raced it for a time, but its my understanding it eventually became a dirt track car.

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    Exotica at Wigram, including Ferrari Daytona, Dino, Jaguar E Type, and Lamborghini Miura. Wonder where they all are today?

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    The Corolla which Trevor built wound up being a Modified Sportsman driven by Dave Bray at (mainly ) Waikaraka, nder #5. (I crewed for him) It later went to Dirt track at Meremere and Waiuku. When Dave had it motor was a Hemi 6.

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