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Thread: RI P Roly Crowther

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    RI P Roly Crowther

    I just got informed that apparently Roly Crowther passed away early this morning
    Roly was a former motor racing competitor in the late fifties and also a Speedway Competitor,Sad news as a bit more history of that era has gone with his passing
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    Very sad news - a truly great man

    Not only three-times NZ Speedway Champion, and a useful performer on the circuits (for too short a time), but an innovative engineer who made more than one attempt to get an all-NZ production car onto the market

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    RIP. A great champion.

    This is a photo of Roly Crowther taken in 2008 after being inducted into the Western Springs Speedway Hall of Fame.

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    Very sad news, He was a real character as well as a great racer. My condolences to his family.


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    Overview of Rolys Speedway Career,David can possibly provide a more detailed account of his circuit racing involvement

    Iconic legend of speedway racing at Western Springs. His midget racing career started in 1944-45 season. He is the only driver to have won both the Junior New Zealand and New Zealand midget titles in the same year 1945. He proved that was no fluke by winning the New Zealand title the next year in 1946. He won it again in 1952. He won 24 feature races at Western Springs 15 seconds and 14 thirds. He was also Australasian champion

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    Thats sad news Bob. Another of the old guard is gone.

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    Very sad news indeed. That is a great reason for as many people as possible to contribute to websites like this one to preserve all of the littles gems of info that are always coming to light here.

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