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Thread: Niki Lauda passed away

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    Niki Lauda passed away

    Reports saying that the strongest spirit of determination and courage has left us.

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    What a life he had!

    A friend of mine, Bob Levett, went to Europe in 1975 and among his destinations was the Monaco Grand Prix. He was there when Niki Lauda became the first Ferrari driver to win that race in twenty years! How I envied him, even though I didn't really know just how much it would have meant to be at the circuit that day.

    Monaco is infested with Italian enthusiasts for the Grand Prix. It's not far from Italy at all, and they come out in droves and show their absolute partiality.

    I'm sure that day cemented Niki's position with the Ferrari team more than any other.

    At the same time, as one recalls the stages of his motor racing career, we see the tremendous drive he displayed. Borrowing money to buy a drive, leading the Canadian Grand Prix in the BRM when it was past its prime... only to lose out when the track started to dry... and then to come back just six weeks after having been given the last rites in Germany to race with the best again.

    The only time I saw him race was in his last Grand Prix at Adelaide. It ended in disaster, but he was still showing his mettle in that race.

    His determination to succeed was the same kind of grit that showed when he forced Boeing to do something about the problem which caused his 767 to crash over Thailand. He got involved in that personally, not giving up until he was satisfied he had made a difference.

    A sad loss, just over two months into his 71st year. He will be missed on many fronts.

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    Its very sad news, I have to say, it upset me more than I expected, perhaps because he was still very active in F1, and so I got to see him being interviewed etc most race weekends.

    I agree with Ray, what a life! He was 70 when he died, but what he squeezed into that life was extraordinary.

    I always enjoyed his interviews in modern F1, as he was one of the few to speak out and say what he thought, and his old-school attitude in a PC world was quite refreshing.

    He will be greatly missed. RIP Niki.

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