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Thread: Torana LC GTR XU1 - Ex Race Brockelhurst / McCallum / Bob Homewood / Grahram Crawford

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    Torana LC GTR XU1 - Ex Race Brockelhurst / McCallum / Bob Homewood / Grahram Crawford

    Hi All,

    I have recently purchased the Ex Richard Brockelhurst, Rod McCallum, Bob Homewood, Grahram Crawford LC Torana GTR XU1 Rego FV6684.

    Its has had a full life & still treated as a race car, soon to be mildly treated to some sympathetic repares and restoration where required.

    I am a motorsport enthusiast & enjoy the historic aspects of motorsport. I'm now lucky enough to own this little car.

    I am hoping to fill all the gaps of its history (especially it sporting) & draw on the memories of the people within this Community that would know the car and have some pictures, programs of entered events & potentially some of its original parts to help restore it to its former self.

    I will continue to use it as intended however the rollcage is fairly intrusive & will need to be reduced & perhaps, removed to achieve full restoration one day.

    Its still running the Dellorto Carbs that Graham Crawford put on it however the gaurds have been restored from the flare work done in the day.

    At some stage the engine was moved back 50mm so the firewall was trimmed to suit this and tunnel has been massaged also (unsure who done this). The engine is back where it belongs & firewall will be repaired as 1st priority but not too badly modified to cause an upset as its minor repair.

    I will post the line of ownership as some may know the names after Graham. I purchased it off Richard Johnson: Expat of NZ who owned it from early- mid 1990's.

    During his ownership Mathew Black also raced it over there as did Richard Johnson.

    It got exported to QLD Australia 2003-4 (i have papers confirming) & now in SA Australia as of 06/2019.

    Any contributions to its story & restoration would be greatly appreciated.
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    I will need to reduce other pics but that is close to all the historic ones i have
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    I'll get this started with the entry lists for the 1971 Glenvale 100 at Bay Park on 11 July 1971 and the Glenvale 200 on 29 July 1973.

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    Richard Brocklehurst runs Quality Transport Equipment in Auckland,

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    Thanks mate, I'll drum up an email in the next couple of days.

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    Thanks Milan, i didn't have that program only this one.

    Your 1971 entry was of Richards car that this one was sent to replace. From what i understand is RH ended up driving a GTHO in 1972 so the new Torana got sold to the next competitor.

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    This is from the NZ Grand Prix meeting at Pukekohe on January 6, 1973.

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    Thanks Milan,
    Looks like the Chargers went well that meeting! All these help as there was no logbook for me to see its full comp history until 1997 when Mathew Black logbooked it. From what I'm told they weren't a requirement in NZ until the 90's?

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