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An opportunity to expose your business, get new customers and preserve some rich motorsport history. There will be a news clip on HRC classes as part of the program.

Legends of Motorsport
(TV show)
Legends of Motorsport is a half hour long TV show, to screen 5 times per week on Sky TV and to be available “on demand” from two different websites.
The show is to be produced in conjunction between Ian Rawkins and the Historic Racing Club (HRC) and as such will be promoted by HRC via their Facebook and direct Email channels. The content of the show will be very much focused on the Historic side of Motor Racing. The main feature of the show is a candid interview with a Legend of Pitlane.
The types of person on our list are the likes of David Oxton, Lyall Williamson, Garry Pedersen, Graeme Crosby, Mike Marshall to name but a few. The show will also feature Cars that are “Legends of Pitlane” in their own right, plus local Historic news, promotion of upcoming events, short highlights from HRC events and much more.
The show is to be 30 mins in duration shot in a studio with a host. The show will screen on Channel 83 on Sky TV starting with a primetime first screening (7.30pm Tuesdays) then a further 4 screenings at various times during the week including one weekend timeslot.
The show will be available on demand shortly after first screening on both the Channel 83 “On Demand” site and the HRC website.
Extended length versions of the feature interview will be packaged and uploaded to the HRC website 8 days after the first screening.
The arrangement the producers have with Channel 83 is that all advertising and branding in the show is owned by the producers. All Commercials and adverts will be edited into the show and will remain in the show for any on demand viewing.
Advertisers will own their segment and their commercials will play whether the show is viewed on TV or on a digital platform.

The show is to be produced by Ian Rawkins. Ian has a long experience in the TV industry as well as many years involved with Motorsport competing crewing etc. plus producing for TV motorsport shows like “Castrol Motorsport” for TV1, many highlight shows for TV3 and TV 1 and three seasons of “Karcher Pitlane” a panel motorsport chat show screening on Sky Sport. Karcher Pitlane was one of the highest rated panel shows on Skysport and the show had guests of the calibre of Sir Jackie Stewart, Michele Mouton, Scott Dixon, Brendon Hartley to name just a few.
Assisting in with the production will be a crew from HRC who will help with sourcing guests and material for the show and act as advisors on content etc.

We are looking for advertisers who have an interest in the Historic/Classic/Grass roots motor racing scene. Advertisers who are looking for a very cost effective way to reach directly the well-heeled viewers of the show. These viewers are qualified buyers; they have a strong interest in Historic/Classic/Grass roots motorsport and have the income to support their interest and the sponsors who support the same interests.
Advertising and branding opportunities within the show are available at very affordable rates - starting as low as $50 per TV commercial spot, right up to Naming Rights for the show and the extended length interviews plus multiple TV commercial spots.
Branding on set is available plus opportunities for direct competitions/promotions within the show.
The expected audience for this show on Face TV is over 10,000 viewers plus through HRC we can offer the following Digital reach from their Facebook page alone.

  • 14,500 post reach
  • 290 New page likes per month.
  • Additional digital outreach can be via direct Email.

Initially we are planning a short run of five shows. The idea of this is to gauge interest and obtain feedback from viewers, advertisers etc. to plan for a longer run of 12 to 14 weeks later this year.
Any advertisers, supporters of the first 5 episodes will have first right on the longer series.

Show Content
The shows will have 3 basic parts each week.

  1. The feature interview – A legend of Motorsport will be interviewed in a relaxed atmosphere.

The feature interview will be shot in a 3 camera studio in a one on one style (interviewer TBC) the set will feature the ability to bring up on screen still photos or video. The style will be that the “legend “is front and center. During this time the background of the set, featuring the naming rights sponsors signage, will be prominent
This piece is the main part of the show and will run for approx. 20 mins of the viewing time or 60% of the total show run time.
Extended length versions of the Interviews will be uploaded to the HRC website at a later date.
Budget/cost $6750.00 Total for the 5 shows (includes 2 x 30 sec TVCs per show)

  1. The feature Car – Cars, Bikes, speedway cars, these too are Legends of Motorsport. Examples of the sort of feature cars are “the Addis Charger” “Masport Escort JD780” etc.

This segment will be sponsored and hosted. It will be shot at the various garages and workshops where the cars are. The sponsor’s logo will be onscreen and the segment will begin and end with a brought to you by. Each segment will be approx. 5 mins long.
Budget/Cost $5000.00 Total for the 5 Show (includes 1 x 30 sec TVC per show)

  1. News and event round up. - This section will be hosted from the studio but may also have B roll from outside the studio (short event footage, interviews etc.)

This segment will have a “main story” EG a feature interview with Kenny Smith about the upcoming F5000 series or meeting. The balance of the segment will be promotions for upcoming race meetings, Class news, etc. Each Segment will be 3 to 4 mins long
Budget/cost $3500 Total for 5 shows (No TVCs)

Available within the show are TV adverts and sub -branding on set.
Costs – 30 sec TVC played once per show (15sec played twice) x 5 screenings
= 5 plays for $200. 3 commercials per show available.
Branding on set and screen – Sub branding on set and on screen is available. This advertiser will feature on the background of the set, will also be in all titles and break titles on screen and will be acknowledged as supporter of the show. They will be entitled to 1 TVC per show (total 5 x 5 screenings per week = 25 plays)
Budget/cost $2000.

All branding adverts etc. will remain in place for “on demand” screenings both on the Channel website and the HRC website.
Chris Watson 0274 827542
Tim Hill 021 614600
Ian Rawkins 021 738634