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Thread: BL Rover P6 Group 2

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    BL Rover P6 Group 2

    This is a Rover P6 prototype built by British Leyland to FIA Group 2 touring car regulations. This photo was snapped in 1970. Its V8 was built by Traco, stretched to 4.3 litres and fitted with quad-Webers. The flares were a work of art. It ran a Muncie gearbox, lightweight body panels, and Jaguar diff. Bill Shaw had been enlisted to oversee the program. Its thought two cars were built, one of which ended up in Australia after the BL Competition dept closed, and became a Sports Sedan.

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    Ray Green photo

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    Another superb Ray Green photo of what is possibly the same car, albeit, there are several obvious differences.

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    First pic was April 19th 1970 at Mallory Park, first appearance, but I think, a suspension failure.

    Second pic, same car, June 28th, also Mallory Park.

    It wasn't long after that and Mick Hill's Janglia, when we had the Super Saloons, Big Bertha and Baby Bertha, any number of V8 Capris, V8 DAF, Ian Richardson's Chevvy Corvair, the John Pope Vauxhall-Aston, then they went on to F5000 and F2 based VW Beetle, Skodas etc.

    A golden age of UK Saloon racing indeed.

    Yes, there were 2 Rovers.

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    Here's a link to info on the one that came to Australia for Jim Smith to race. You will need to register with Shannons to read the full article....

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    There was a full article at the time in Racing Car News...

    And a painting of the car in Camel colours on the cover. Jim was pretty good at promotion.

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    Here is a Perry Drury photo of the car as raced in Australia:

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    Interesting that in Camel livery, they reverted to the earlier bonnet style - plus an additional front scoop underneath.

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