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Thread: Frank Gardner's Motor Racing Research

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    Frank Gardner's Motor Racing Research

    I'm trying to get information on who Motor Racing Research are, and was hoping someone here could help.

    In 1969, Frank Gardner drove for Alan Mann Racing in the British Saloon Car Championship, plus drove for various other teams etc in other forms of racing.

    Alan Mann quit racing at the end of 1969, and Gardner raced the 1970 BSCC in a 1969 Bud Moore Trans-Am Mustang updated with 1970 nose. It was entered under the name Motor Racing Research. Its my understanding Ford UK may have purchased the Mustang for Gardner to race. But who is Motor Racing Research?

    Gardner also raced a Lola T190 in the 1970 British Formula 5000 Championship, also under the entry Motor Racing Research.

    Was Motor Racing Research Gardner's own team that he pulled together for 1970? There appears no mention of it after this one year.

    Can anyone shed light on this for me?

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    If you go down this Autosport forum site you will find some information regarding "Motor Racing Research".


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    Thank you Ken, you're a legend!

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    Which post is that in?

    I see nothing on page 4...

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    I gleaned some Motor Racing Research information that was included in the Tim Murray post # 166

    Ken H

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    Here's the original post by Erol Richardson:

    As Erol was the driver of the car when owned by Jack Wortmeyer and has been involved in the latter-day restoration of the car, he's no doubt had some conversations with Frank Gardner about it.

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