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Thread: Andrew Cowan Passes Away

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    Andrew Cowan Passes Away

    I see where the very popular Scotsman has just died.
    He won our 1972 Heatway Rally driving a Mini, also our 1976 International Rally driving a works Hillman Avenger.
    Also he was a good friend of Jim Clark.
    R I P Andrew

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    Remember seeing the team at the start in Auckland - they were at Seabrook Fowlds - Symonds Street where I think scrutineering was taking place.- either there or at the Testing Station along Great North Road.

    " ".

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    The highs and the lows...

    He was heading into Sydney running second or third in the 1968 London-Sydney Marathon and suddenly Bianchi's Citroen was clobbered head-on by some jerks in a Mini. Paddy Hopkirk stopped to render assistance and Cowan went on to win in a most unlikely car.

    In the next Marathon in 1977 Mercedes-Benz called on him and he won again. Along the way he dominated the Southern Cross Rally so he became a household name in Australian motor sport.

    Some of his highs. But the low... reports are that his final years have been sad, a stroke and finally a fall which led to his death.

    A lot of people are missing him now.

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