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Thread: ex JPS Team BMW 325i 1987 - 1989

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    ex JPS Team BMW 325i 1987 - 1989

    Hi all,

    First post here. I own an ex JPS Team BMW 325i which was Tony Longhurst's car for the 1986 ATCC season. Part of the enjoyment of owning these cars is piecing together the history (both race and ownership) from then until now.

    I have quite an extensive collection of photos and info but am looking for any race results and photos for the 1988 and 1989 seasons here in NZ.

    As some background, JPS Team BMW sold the car to Bill Bryce late 1986 and Denny Hulme drove this in the Simpson Appliance series late 86, for which I've been fortunate to track down some photos of him at Pukekohe. Then Bryce and Longhurst paired up for the January 1987 round of the Wellington Nissan Mobil 500, after which Paul Radisich and Ludwig Finaeur drove it at the October Wellington NM500 that same year.

    A week later, Hulme and Radisich paired up for the B&H 500 at Pukekohe the beginning of November, finishing 6th. I haven't been able to find any photos of the car at this event. Would anyone have anything?

    Following that, Bill Bryce apparently raced it throughout 1988, but again I have no info on races entered / results or photos.

    The car was then purchased by Mark Petch who won the 1989 NZ Touring Car Championship Class 2 (<2.5L?). Again I'm very keen to track down any info on races entered / results etc for this season.

    From then on, the car passed through several owners including Stuart MCondach, Allan Cattle, Ed Lamont (who had previously owned the sister car), Murray (Frank) Pierce, Gerry Hodges, Alan Clyde, Keith Tunnicliffe, Garry Price, Murray Sinclair and now me. Both McCondach / Lamont and Cattle / Taylor entered the car at Wellington in 1990 and 1991 respectively, for which I have tracked down details.

    Any info & photos on the 1987 Hulme / Radisich B&H round, the Bill Bryce 1988 season and the Mark Petch 1989 season would be gratefully received.

    Name:  Hulme Pukekohe Dec 1986 Simpson series.jpg
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    Unfortunately I have no info about 88/89 but what a great piece of Group A history, hoping to come down south for the next historic meet

    I believe in this video was the last time the JPS team ran the 325i

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