Entries for the 4th Ohakea Trophy race in 1953 - Jack Edwards was there.
Would seemas the race was in march 1953 that the car was built / re-built in late 1952.
Note that Jack Kennedy in his Austin 7 Special raced in 1952 as well.

" 4th Ohakea Trophy
Date: 14th March 1953
Venue: Ohakea Airfield
25 laps of 3.22 kms (80.46kms)
Starting Order: (Handicap Race) Bern, Edwards and Aitken started and the rest followed at indicated times behind him.

“Wally Bern 0m
Jack Edwards 0m
Jock Aitken 0m *
Peter McInally 0m
Bruce Lawrence 0m 50s
C Taylor 0m 50s
Dave Long 0m 50s
Don Tilsley 1m 15s
Boxer Fanselow 1m 15s *
Noel Ching 1m 40s
Allan Freeman 1m 40s
Tom Clark 2m 05s
D Hutton 2m 30s *
Herb Gilroy 2m 30s
Keith Roper 2m 55s
Rob Bagnall 2m 55s
Fordy Farland 3m 45s *
Halsey Logan 5m 25s
Johnny Mansel 5m 50s
Bessie Christie 6m 15s
Harry Chatteris 6m 15s *
Peter Harrison 7m 05s *
Ron Frost 7m 05s
Hec McLean 7m 05s
Peter Ward 7m 05s
Bill Lee 7m 05s
Arnold Stafford 7m 05s
Vic Shuter 8m 20s
George Palmer 8m 20s
Alistair McBeath 8m 20s *
Des McDonagh 8m 45s *
Frank Shuter 9m 10s
Les Moore 9m 35s *
George Smith 10m 00s
Bob Gibbons 10m 50s
Ron Roycroft 11m 40s
* Did not start

The race was a shorter distance yet the same number of laps as 1954 Event