Hello, can anyone help me with finding information on a rare NZ special that was campaigned by Jack Edwards in the early to mid 1950's?

The Edwards special was powered by a 1172cc Ford engine, and competed at the 1953 to 56 Ohakea Trophy meetings (ref. www.sergent.com.au). Edwards seems to have resided in the Manawatu area, as he also competed in the Saddle Road hillclimb out the back of Palmerston North.

Their is a small but good source of information in the Vercoe book, but I am really keen to source any photos or race programme references to help verify the cars racing pedigree. I have been in touch with the Manawatu Car Club for information, but details continue to remain scarce.

I suspect that the Ohakea programmes may be the best bet for finding out if more information or photos exists, and I am happy to pay for any information that comes to light - that is the fair thing to do!


Kirk Martin