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Thread: Race Programme Art

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    Race Programme Art

    There's a lot of programmes over time that are just too cool to stay hiiden so we have selected a few and produced some 'Canvas' piccies 300 x 400 x 30mm.
    $28 for one, $50 for 2 and $70 for three plus postage

    We have just made a heap of stock for the swapmeets including McLeans Island one, and found it has been cancelled so thought i'd better get around to putting them on here.
    The piccie of our range is low resolution, and many have a watermark across them so not even so sure how good they will look on here.
    In real life they look great though
    Send us a pm if you are keen please.
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    another few
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    and another three
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    three more of them
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    Gracefield road races, Lower hutt
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