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Thread: Looking to Build 1/32 Slot Car Grid of B&H 500/1000, need grid info for 1968-78

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    Looking to Build 1/32 Slot Car Grid of B&H 500/1000, need grid info for 1968-78

    My name is Mike (a recent new member), and I am forming a new Euro-style 1/32 slot racing club in Nashville, TN. I have a six lane high banked Charlotte NASCAR track, and six lane routed short track, a four lane recreation of the 1964 Sebring layout and decorations, and a high-elevation road race track for Mille Miglia/Targa Florio and similar rally events, all in my basement. I can reconfigure the high mountain track to the Bathurst race, and my flat Sebring track to Sandown, and I have been collecting cars to run separate 1963-67, 68-72, and 73-79 eras of Australian events; I also decorate the tracks with authentic signage, billboards, grandstands and architectural features, etc.

    I now want to recreate the NZ version of Bathurst I have just recently been learning about - the 1968-78 Benson & Hedges 500/1000, which I understand was limited to NZ-assembled cars. I have a glassed-in porch outside my basement to set up the Pukekohe circuit, and even Warwick Farms. My problem has been finding starting grids from that era online or in books. I grateful to have found an uploading of the car grids from the 1972 and 74 events here, at this forum. Does anyone here have the other 1968-71, 73, and 75-78 starting grids available that you could provide to me, so I could build a 42 car field? I have picked up a pile of Charger resin bodies from various Australian craftsmen, a Torana LC and a four-door XA, and some Seat 1430 slot cars I could maybe configure as 125Ts, as well as Vauxhall Victors, Zodiacs, and of course some Cortinas and such.

    If you could provide me those grids for those years, or point me to where I could find it, I would be most grateful, because I can't find it elsewhere, and it is most critical to me. Furthermore, pictures of those events, where I can clarify models of cars only given brief car model descriptions in the grids (such as "Torana" in 1974, where a picture elsewhere here helped clarify), would be really helpful, as well as your knowledge of 1/32 resin body makers of some of these more obscure models, or even 3D printing files or printers, or even 1/32 diecast cars I could get someone to mold from for me. If you also know Australian/NZ expatriates in middle Tennessee who would like to participate in my fun, relaxed racing and recreation series, I would love to meet them.

    Thank you so much for providing such critical information and help.
    Thanks again!

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    I have programmes for all those events but I'll have to scan them before I can post them.

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    Thank you so VERY, VERY much, Milan - I'll look forward to seeing it, or you can PM me!

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    Entry for the 1968 Benson & Hedges

    Name:  img865 - Copy (2).jpg
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    Name:  img866 - Copy (2).jpg
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    Entry for the 1969 B&H

    Name:  img867 - Copy (2).jpg
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    Name:  img868 - Copy (2).jpg
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    Entry for 1975 B&H

    Name:  img879 - Copy (2).jpg
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    Name:  img880 - Copy (2).jpg
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    Thank you so VERY much for this critical information - I could get it nowhere else. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your time in finding this information in your records, taking pictures and uploading it. I will make very good use of this data in recreating these golden age events, in 1/32 slot scale. Speaking of that, if you or anyone else here has additional photos of how more of these cars (and track) looked during this era, and where I might extra 1/32 diecast, 3D files or resin bodies to fill out this field beyond what I already have, I would be further deeply appreciative.
    Thanks again, racer!

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    bry3500, thank you so much for taking the time to find and compile all those links for me. I already have all the Scalextric, Pendle and other slot car stuff, and I've tried to tap out the Aussie resin makers for the main racing marques like the Chargers before and have them, Manaros, Falcons (XW/XY/XA-XC), Torana XU-1s, etc. In fact, I probably have around 50-60% of the marques of the 68-78 B&H 500/1000 races. I am trying to get a resin caster to take an old 68 Dodge Dart and cast some more, so I could maybe convert them to Valiant Pacers, etc.

    I have contacted a British resin body maker who might have access to those old Hillman Hunter and Avenger bodies you cited, but it looks like I will have a harder time finding those Sharp Sunny models, but I'll keep trying!

    Thank you again, and any other leads are appreciated.

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    I can probably organise a Peugeot 404 for you as per 1968

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    Mr. Fart,

    Would that be a 1/32 resin body kit or model, or such? How might I obtain it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nashville Slot Racer View Post
    Mr. Fart,

    Would that be a 1/32 resin body kit or model, or such? How might I obtain it?
    I'm working on either a resin body or vacuum formed. Watch this space.

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