It was exciting to get back to the track again. It was decided not to allow spectators at the track or open the stands due to Covid precautions. I managed to get a pit entry ticket and set off early on my 200 mile drive. The parking was free but there was no programme or access to any of the areas to get action photos such as taken by Ray and Nigel in NZ.

So I have a few of what I call "paddock and pit pics".

I am a fan of the Historic Trans Am class and as there was an entry field of over 30 cars I did spend most of my time amongst them including my pit duties of cleaning the wheels and listening to all the stories etc..great stuff.

Once again my camera failed to charge properly but I had an older back-up one and I will share what I took during my one day" back at the track."

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( Note the stands are empty but the field was full !)
Ken H photo