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Thread: May 2021. Laguna Seca. Trans Am Speedfest.

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    An early Porsche 911 with a priority parking spot !

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    The distinctive pink 1987 Camaro # 28 of Walter Brown.

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    The very patriotically painted 1970 Camaro # 48 of Lance Smith.

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    (Ken H photos.)
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    If only we'd had zero cost digital pics 60 years ago, how different this site would be!

    So many missed opportunities, when trying to make a couple of rolls of 36 black and white last the weekend - and a fair chunk of the weekly (youth) wage also spent on processing and the cost of (selective) enlargements prohibitive.

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    Time for some Ford vehicles in Group 6.

    Robert Stockwell in his 1965 Ford mustang # 15

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    Colin.Mullan driving his 1967 Ford Mercury Cougar # 15

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    Steve Eftimiou driving through the paddock area in his 1969 Ford Boss 302 Mustang # 21

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    (Ken H photos..)

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    As Lance Smith swings his 1970 Camaro # 48 onto the track one can see that spectator stands were empty due to the Covid restrictions at the time.
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    That was a shame as they missed out on some great dueling throughout this almost thirty car field of Historic Trans Am cars.
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    And that was just in one class !
    I felt very privileged that I was allowed to enter the track as a team member and I am very grateful to those who arranged it.
    My camera battery was not charged as I had hoped so I just snapped away as much as I could between 9 am and 4 pm with a back up phone camera. It has taken a while to format the shots down to TRS requirements so excuse the delay but I think I did a pretty decent job of it.
    It may be a while before I get back to a live meet but I'm glad I had this opportunity to share this one day "back at the track".

    As the shadows lengthen it is time to say farewell to these magnificently maintained machines.

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    ( Ken H photos.)

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