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Thread: Monterey Live

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    In the background of the previous photo one can see the light gray of the original Laguna Seca track before it was changed in 1988 when the track was lengthened from 1.9 miles to 2.25 miles to meet the minimum requirements for MotoGP and other types of racing.

    I went to a race meet there in May 1987 and captured some photos of how the track looked then at Turns 1 and 2.
    Name:  1987 Laguna Seca track.jpg
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    Turn 1 is in the center of the photo as this 1987 GTO race group charge toward turn 2.
    Name:  1987 GTO race led by Jack Baldwin - Copy.jpg
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    Turn 2 led onto a short straight before Turn 3 and up the hill toward the "Corkscrew"
    Name:  1987 Laguna%20Seca%201987_%20GTO%20field%20on%20warm%20up%20lap.jpg
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    Today the track turns down toward where the blue tent is in this 1987 photo and that is Turn 2 now.
    The 3rd car in the photo is a Dan Gurney "All American Racers Team" Toyota Celica turbo # 99 driven by Willy T Ribbs.
    Name:  1987%20GTO%20First%20lap.jpg
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    (A bonus photo of Willy T Ribbs talking with Dan Gurney after qualifying in 3rd place for the GTO race. )
    Name:  Willy%20T%20Ribbs%20with%20Dan%20Gurney_%201987.jpg
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    ( Ken H 1987 photos..)
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    Another "All American Racers" Team Toyota # 99 seen at Laguna Seca this year was the 1990 Eagle HF 89 GTP car driven by Robert Kauffman and beautifully captured by John Adams as it comes through and exits the Corkscrew Turn.

    Name:  IMG_4578 (2).JPG
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    Name:  IMG_4584.JPG
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    Name:  IMG_4600.JPG
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    Many a driver has been caught out by the tricky "Corkscrew Turn "
    Here, Ken Epsman, spins his 1984 Pontiac Firebird in front of several Group 8 A class cars.
    Name:  IMG_4583.JPG
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    Some Porsche pix at various parts of Laguna Seca.

    Name:  IMG_4472 - Copy.JPG
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    Richard Harris in his 1975 Brumos Porsche 911 RSR 3.0 # 6

    Name:  IMG_4613 - Copy.JPG
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    Porsche 911s # 33

    Name:  IMG_4537.JPG
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    1979 Porsche 935K3 # 94

    (John Adams photos..)

    (Ken H..)

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    This is outstanding Ken! Loving this thread.

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    Finally some sports cars from John Adams photos.

    Name:  IMG_4694.JPG
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    1969 Chevron B 16 # 123

    Name:  IMG_4650.JPG
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    [2005 Audi R8 LMP1 # 2

    Name:  IMG_4695 (2).JPG
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    1972 Alfa Romeo TT33 Prototype # 2

    Name:  IMG_4621.JPG
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    1971 Sparling Special Ferrari 3000 # 1 driven by John Goodman
    ( John Adams photos..)

    ( John, I want to thank you for the photos you allowed me to share on this thread. Even when the cars were at full speed you were able to capture them as though they were standing still. That may not satisfy some purists of racing photography but I certainly appreciated them and perhaps we can team up again sometime and also thanks for being my eyes at this event. Cheers Ken H. )
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    Quote Originally Posted by khyndart in CA View Post
    You are correct and thanks for keeping me inline.
    It is the same 1949 Baldwin I saw at Laguna in May when driven by Robert Manson.
    It was driven here in August by Don Pepperdene so I got caught out, please excuse !
    Attachment 70286
    The 1949 Baldwin Mercury Special 4600 in May 2021.
    (KH photo..)
    Ken H,

    That is all good Mate.
    I have ' stolen / borrowed ' the Baldwin Mercury photos and the Laguna Seca maps too !! Added to my archives
    Cheers Kiwi Ken !!

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