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Thread: New Zealand Motorcycle Road Racing Circuits, New book on the market

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    New Zealand Motorcycle Road Racing Circuits, New book on the market

    Spydas guide to New Zealand Motorcycle Road Racing Circuits, from past to present is a book I've been putting together for two and a half years. It covers 157 Circuits, on just over 400km's of roads in our country.
    Two versions available, Softcover 250 page book $54 and a wire bound 'Touring Edition' at $59. Frieght is $8 for as many books to one address as you like. I am retailing them myself at this stage, so not available in bookshops sorry.
    Pick up an option in Lowe Hutt. If you want a copy private message me please.
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    Wow, outstanding work! That is truly impressive.

    I wrote a book called Kiwi Bike Culture many years ago, and Spyda was featured in it. He has an amazing collection of bikes and memorabilia and an incredible knowledge on the racing history.

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    thank you Steve,
    I have followed your work and brought some of it, appreciate the support from someone in the game.

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    We have sold just short of 300 books in six weeks. There are two versions, wirebound touring edition and softcover. We got them at differnt times and the majority of the time has been spent filling orders from people who expressed interest over time, and managing all that as they are numbered and as we can supply a specific number needed to keep an eye on each book. I have just ordered anothe 250 odd books and will start advertising mainstream once they arrive. My printer is back on deck and have asked him to concentrate on work needed for business customers first as lockdown has affected business's along the way. Many of these Circuits were used by cars too, hence me posting on this forum. Milan Fistonic has a copy, He may be able to chime on and let others here know what he thinks of it. Appreciate all the positve feedback about this, haven't had any negative as yet, the new print runs will get rid of the half dozen spelling mistakes that slipped through. It's tough reading it through the eyes of the author, although we had several other people check too but life is not always perfect.

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    Ticked over my 350th book out of the door yesterday, we've been out of stock of wire bound books for a month, picked another hundred of those up this afternoon so on our way to the next 350 sales.....

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    Grab you copy in the next couple of days folks to ensure delivery before christmas....

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    550 out the door now, grab your copy for some winter reading folks

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    This is well worth buying. Reference material that I doubt is collated anywhere else.

    And a good read too.

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    Not too long till Fathers day, sick of getting socks? point this book out to your offspring and we'll get one sent pronto. Softcover $54 Wire bound touring edition great for on the road hunting down the circuits and doing a lap. $8 freight. Many of these Circuits ran cars as well as motorcycles

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