Died September 6th.

Somewhat surprised no one had started a thread as my wife told me he'd passed away.

Billy was a perfectionist when it came to his motorbikes and cars. I got to know him through his acquisition of the engineless Lola 212, which was towed behind my lodger's 1116cc Mini, when purchased from Bob Howlings in Cheshire.

It was bought on behalf of a Kiwi and resided with us at a rented lockup, until it was shipped to NZ.
Before it was shipped, Mike had installed a Ford Twin cam and had a minor off at a hillclimb, so it needed a few suspension bits...

Billy had a Cooper FJ and was also keen on the modern Mini.

Not my taste in conceptual art, but can't deny his taste in cars and motorbikes.

An interesting character and always happy to chat and a regular at classic meetings.