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Thread: Cemetery Circuit Programmes

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    Cemetery Circuit Programmes

    Hi Folks, I do all the Cemetery Circuit history and all the queries they get be it school kids doing projects or rellies looking for old info get directed to me. I've spent a long time collecting programmes and am still short of 1952, 1956-1961 ones. If anyone has copies they are wiling to part with name your price and we'll do a deal.
    I can assure you they will be put to use well.
    Any other motorcycle programmes are also of interest. I've got a ton of photos to identify and again they are great for research.

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    still looking for 1952 and 1956-7 please people. have a lot of other programmes from many eras through nz to swap if that's what people prefer

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    been busy, got all of those old ones, every one from differnt sources and not a dollar changed hands, now just missing a 1995 one, your price paid or have some cool swaps.

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