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Thread: New Zealand Mallock U2 race car history search

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    New Zealand Mallock U2 race car history search

    Hi all I am looking for information and history on a recently purchased Mallock U2 type race car. Name:  IMG_20211114_001205.jpg
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    I am hoping to get this back into racing condition and have a go at racing maybe a bit of track work and some sprints. I am looking for information on old owners of the car and any racing history and photos I am sure there will be plenty of older guys that know things so feel free to tell a yarn. Cheers

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    Good to see the photos - I have looked in my collection and have 3 of Mallock / U2 cars and nothing like your one.

    Good luck with the search ..

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    If you could establish the date/location of any of the circuit shots, that would narrow down the search for info.

    In day's past, before transponders, most race organisers only issued one #10 at a meeting and only a few managed to secure any form of permanent number, so it often changed at each meeting.

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    Giving the names of previous owners would be a big help as well.

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    I have no information on past owners and or any racing history but by the looks of the pics that come with the car it did race at some stage. some one should remember seeing the car at a race meeting in the past as it is quite distinctive. it is most likely not a Mallock factory produced car as it is fitted with a Herald/Spitfire front suspension so maybe a NZ built chassis from the plans with a few twists but I am only guessing. is should be a perfect way for me to have a go at classic motor racing I have never raced before except for drags so it may be a steep learning curve. I am not even sure what classes and type of racing the car will be eligible for so once I have a handle on that I will do whats needed to get it fit for racing , but the plan is not to change too much.

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    If it's a Mallock copy chassis the tubes will 3/4" and fully triangulated. If they are larger, then more a special in it's own right, and there is nothing wrong with that.
    I suspect that some people may be reluctant to contribute given that you are calling it a Mallock U2 which it probably isn't. FWIW in the early days there were very few "factory produced" cars, and only a very few UK built cars made it to NZ. There were a number of people who bought plans from Arthur Mallock, me for one, some built cars, some (me) didn't. Getting racing cars or components into NZ was very difficult in the 60s and 70s.
    The top photos look a bit like the "good old Taupo" track to me.

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    Thanks for that Oldfart once the car gets to me here in Waimate I will be able to get some more photos and some measurements to figure out what I have purchased. [brought from photos] I will still be happy if it is a copy or a special as i brought it for its character not its pedigree. but it would be nice to know when and by who it was built. so any info would be great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Dowding View Post
    Good to see the photos - I have looked in my collection and have 3 of Mallock / U2 cars and nothing like your one.

    Good luck with the search ..

    Thanks Roger

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    No its not a Mallock. I am sure it was the one owned by Warwick Tweedy. he bought it to one race meeting not long after he purchased it and I am not aware of it racing again. I was sure Warwick said it was built by John Mines but other people on facebook have said its not the John Mines car.

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    thanks for that GeeBee finding the cars history might be a bit of a jigsaw puzzle, would you know if Warwick Tweedy is a member of this site as I would like to contact him but I am having no luck with the site search. and would you remember the race meeting he attended with that car so I can do a little research looking for photos from the meeting. Cheers
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    Warwick Tweedy (or Tweedie-not sure of correct spelling) was the guy responsible for building the "T Cars"-MG TF look alikes on Triumph chassis. He used to race with us at HRSCC meetings on the original Taupo clubby circuit. I don't personally recall your car but some members of HRSCC may remember it. They have a website. The authority on NZ U2s is Gavin Bateman who now lives in the States. I don't know if Gavin is on here but know for a fact he is on Facebook.

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    Thanks Noel I will chase that up it seems I'm on a merry chase finding the cars history so every lead helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rf84 View Post
    Warwick Tweedy (or Tweedie-not sure of correct spelling)
    Tweedy is the correct spelling.

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