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Thread: XU1 Toranas the early seventies years

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    XU1 Toranas the early seventies years

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    !971 Golden !00 PUkekohe Richard Brocklehurst on his way to winning the wet Golden 100,Jim Richards in the Monaro just behind ,Ralph Emson is in the third car ,with Tim Bailey in the Porsche making the best of the slippery track and the Porsche traction to be up there with them
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    That race was the second long distance race the XU1's won that year,beating the V8 cars in the process emulating the similar success they had been enjoying across the Tasman ,Brocklehurst had performed well in a late season Pukekohe race ,leading the field for the opening laps,he followed this up with a battle for pole in the Glenvale 100 a couple of months later with Jim Palmer in a similar car and disputed the lead with him until his first pit stop when starter trouble delayed him dropping him to second place behind Palmer,further development of the car before the Golden 100 saw a further increase in pace and he was able to put up a pretty commanding performance in that race which was held under fairly wet conditions

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    I see Richard Brocklehurst is back racing in the BMW E30 Series.

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    1973 Glenvale Bay Park McCallum/Homewood 186 XU1

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    Ralph Emson 202 1972/73 GTX Seies

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    This was the car driven by Ralph Emson in the North Island rounds of the 72/73 GTX series and by myself in the four South Island Rounds of that season

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    The ec McCalullum XU1 as it is now restored in Australia

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    The car as it is now in Queensland owned and raced by a ex-pat Kiwi

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    What colour was Richard's XU-1?

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    The first one he raced was yellow,he also owned the orange car above but never raced it before Rod brought it,he had moved onto the GTHO by then

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    Richo's car was lone 'o'Ranger orange. We have owned it for 25 odd years.

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    HMMMMMMMM, now im confused.

    Are you refering to the JR monaro, or brocklehurst XU1
    as far as the XU1s i have a feeling both his yellow and orange cars were in Aust but i could be mistaken?
    Can you elaborate


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    To my knowledge that is what I believe also ,the orange one is for sure I am in contact with the owner

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob homewood View Post
    To my knowledge that is what I believe also ,the orange one is for sure I am in contact with the owner
    pm sent

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    Sorry, I should have read the post a bit more closely. We have the LJ XU1 that Jim Richards won the Glenvale 200 in. That car is 'Lone o ranger.

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    PHOTOS and more info please

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    What happened to the lime green Ebbetts XU1?

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    Nelson Area i think

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    Name:  Manfeild - Manawatu Car Club First Race Meeting.jpg
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    Dad had listed this as the first race at Manfield cannot identify anyone so any help??

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    PM me and I'll give you Garrys number.
    - Steve Holmes, was the XU1 still in Dads shed when you were there the other day? or has he moved it?? If its still there I'll whip up and take a couple of pics.

    Quote Originally Posted by rogered View Post
    PHOTOS and more info please

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    Yes it was Mike. I took some photos of it if you want me to post them?

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    Sure, if you have them and are happy to put them up, that would be great. Cheers

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Holmes View Post
    Yes it was Mike. I took some photos of it if you want me to post them?

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