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Thread: Schedule S Touring Cars

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    Schedule S Touring Cars

    Hi all

    I'm doing some research on the Schedule S (2 litre, BW's, Ford Telstar, Toyota Corona etc.) touring cars that ran in New Zealand in the 1990's up until 2002, with the aim of developing a website or writing a book covering for me what was a great era of racing in New Zealand.

    SpeedSport and have been great for race reports and results but there are still a few gaps in the info that I need.

    I'd love to see any of the following, especially from the early 90's.

    - Entry lists
    - Qualifying and race results
    - Series articles and regulations
    - Car specs

    Feel free to share any stories or photos that you have on this forum or with me via email if you like


    Graeme Swan
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    Just remind us at what schedule S was please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allan View Post
    Just remind us at what schedule S was please.
    What ended upas the 2l touring cars, International Motorsport BMW's, Ford Telstar, Toyota Coronas etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Allan View Post
    Just remind us at what schedule S was please.
    It was a NZ formula based losely on International Production type racing happening in Europe. Initially there was an emphasis on keeping costs down..but that sort of went out the window.

    BMW via International Motorsport always fielded 2, sometimes 3 cars and Ford were involved with Telstars run by Allport Motorsport. They were an odd Telstar to the NZ market as they were a V6 2litre sourced from Japan whereas in NZ the production V Telstar was a 2.5

    Nissan entered the Championship with a Bluebird and a Sentra SSS, the team usually run by Peter Van Brugal

    Toyota even had a couple of BTCC drivers entered in their Coronas.
    Alfa had a couple of very sexy 155's originally driven by Stichbury and Evans?) but they never seemed to be on the pace, maybe because at that stage we were use to them dominating the BTCC. Remeber the Sch S cars were no where near as modified as the BYCC lookalike cars.
    The grid was completed with many a privateer in Telstars (Pateman & Webb), Nissan Bluebirds (Fogg) Coronas (Oliver etc)...some only a fleeting glimpse, but it was a good 2 litre Championship for quiet a long time.

    Towards the end the numbers dewindled and no solution as to why was found, but maybe it was because the manufacturers withdraw gradually.

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    This is Schedule S from the NZ Motorsport Manual No 25 which appears to for 1994.

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    If you find this difficult to read send me your email address and I can send larger scans

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