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Thread: Levin and Cabbage Tree Corner

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    it was out kimberley road where the mental health insitution was for a long time, just a local airstrip that was pressed into action at the time I've just tried to find period aerial piccies but can't sorry

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    Thanks to you who have helped me with the answer; Allan, Rhys, Jellywrestler. I appreciate your inputs.
    I did find this site which was interesting;

    As I have noted before on a previous thread about Goodwood, my uncle apparently clipped the power lines that can often be seen going over the South Down Hills north of Goodwood about 5 miles east of the track.
    Name:  Goodwood. John Coundley. June 1965..jpg
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    (A 1965 photo showing the power lines in the distance. I'm not if they are still there today ? )

    The plane almost made it to the coast but it sadly claimed lives on the ground as well. Ironically his brother Bob, worked for the NZ Union Steam Ship Company in Southampton about 1950-52 and boarded at Middleton-0n-Sea about 5 minutes from where the Mosquito crashed and he never knew that is where his brother had perished. We just found out within the last 20 years of what actually took place.
    Again thanks for letting me get off track.
    Ken H
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