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Thread: Taupo Historic GP Meeting: 19-21 January 2024

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    Taupo Historic GP Meeting: 19-21 January 2024

    Supplementary Regulations Parts One have been issued and the permit approved - the Supplementary Regulations and the entering process are available by logging into the MotorSport Online portal:

    If you are planning on entering, note that the official close off date is 13 13th January 2024. Entry fees are $1,105.00 incl GST (and all the bits and pieces otherwise listed separately). An email has been distributed that came from the organisers, which states that entries paid by the 12th of December can pay the discounted amount of $900.00.

    More information (with grids) is also available at the following website:

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    never been so pissed of at a circuit in new zealand in over 30 years of working at them. At the weekend at taupo i was woken at 7 AM and charged $50 because i was plugged into their power, I run a sleep Apnea machine, which i estimate used less than 1kw over night , less than 30 cents. OK, i handed over $50 to be told they don't do cash and marched upstairs to the eftpos machine. Great fecking shit, i use the machine to have a good nights sleep to be alert to work then having to do all that at 7am didn't give me my monies worth on the sleep front in reality

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