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Thread: January Fifty Years Ago

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    January Fifty Years Ago

    Some of the cars & drivers that were seen in New Zealand during January 1962.
    Ray Archibald Jaguar
    Jack Brabham Cooper
    Angus Hyslop Cooper
    Stirling Moss Cooper/Lotus
    Lorenzo Bandini Cooper Maserati
    Chris Amon Maserati 250F
    Johnny Mansel Cooper Maserati
    Simon Taylor Jaguar D Type
    Wally Wilmott Cooper
    John Riley Ferrari Monza
    Brian Prescott Maserati
    Bruce McLaren Cooper
    P. Preston Buckler
    M. Hammond Buckler
    D. MacDonald Buckler
    K. Taylor Buckler
    C.Judd Buckler

    ...and lots more.
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    Only one of those names I don't recall - Johnny Mansell. There was a Johnny Mansel though

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    It was an amazing time as a7year old to see these cars and drivers CLOSE up blessed we were

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    Man i remember that meeting so well ,i was to be maried six weeks later wife to be not a keen car person at that stage.when we met i drove a sidevalve highlite minor black with a 4inch red strpe on the bonet a david brown burges mufler.good for nearly 65mph. this had been traded in on a buckler ford ten amw body {i am not sure if it was actually a ford 8hp} i dont think it was any faster than the morrie,Yrs. later at the domain hillclimb1997 a ran the ferrari 500 special{Tim Bailley gave me writen permision}and while having a beer waiting for the results no strangly i didnt win 34th i think anyhow this women came and sat down and said your jim short do you remember me?No sorry Well i was at your wedding really.. Yes i remember now Do you remember that little red car you bought ??? Of course Well did you know Steph was going to dump you if you brought it we lasted 36yrs{50yrs next month So i remember the rain the sun then the rain so heavy would not take place today,,with a car blanket over our heads up the top of the grandstand by the startline..Moss starting at he back when the flag fell so much spray hell,, i cound see when most had gone one was in the hay bales below us another couple over there Angus cooper had a good dent in the nose ..At college corner Moss was up to about 5th Yrs later i heard how he did it in practise he used to count so from the start count to 27 then brake how he moved through or perhaps it was him that went down along the haybales he hit the lead and just drove away his gogles up and his hand covering his eyes skimming over and through real large pudles more like small lakes ne laped the whole lot only surtess got back before the end .i saw ron flockhart in a lotus do a 180 infont of the pits and lost no speed i still wonder did i really see that.the race was shortendand it was considered the wetest ever race along one at siverstone i think parnell won that one i met surtess at a dinner in taupo he was with the A1s the dinner was the launch of the Bruce McLaren movie he remembered the race but we debbated what yr. it was he felt it was 63 he finally agreed as he won the first gp at puke in 63 not all stuck up sadly lost his son in a freak accident..murry M has some film on that race the first thing moss did was light a smoke!!! after the race still in the car

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    Your memory is better than your spelling Jim! But no worries, I got your drift.
    You were the first person I heard mention Johnny Mansel. (When we were looking at the films at my place)

    The link to the 1963 GP is

    Yes the Roaring Season is a great place to visit.
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    Really murray cant remember that.probably not as exciting as ardmore corect spelling days are long gone like most things coputers radios ect have all got smaller texing 4 an example dress code we alwas had to were a ty but u get used 2 it wen u cuming over to sort these vidios regards

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