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Thread: Hampton Downs

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    Hampton Downs

    Have just received the Historic Racing Club's newsletter and there is mention in there about the constant negative rumours regarding the Hampton Downs circuit and the Directors Chris Watson and Tony Roberts. Sure times are tough for everyone and there are very few business's that are not hunkering down through this downturn but that is certainly not a reason to start completely unfounded rumours.

    We owe a debt of gratitute to these people for having the balls to get this project to the stage that it is currently at and give them every encouragement to keep plugging away and providing us with the facilities that we desparatley need here in NZ. The chances of new circuits being built in this country are extremely low and having such knockers having a go to massage their egos will certainly not encourage anyone else from taking such a massive chance.

    Give them all the support that they need as they provide us with such a magnificant facility that is desparately needed in this area. If you don't support them just keep your thoughts to yourself as the rest of us aren't interested.

    I know this is a completely different thread but we need to give these people all the support and help that we can. Send the Directors some much needed email support and help them remain positive.

    Cheers Mike
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    Fully back everything you say. These people have done a magnificent job, and it has not been a walk in the park. They along with the staff/helpers are approachable, polite and always willing to assist.
    To the knockers/rumour mongers, crawl back up your passage and keep your self motivated thoughts to yourself. You are the reason motorsport is in the condition it is in, Split. The them and us brigade.
    Wellington is such a nice place on a fine day, but there are a couple of buildings down there that tend to deliver this stuff and stupid self centred thoughts/decisions on how things should be in our world. Look after your rose tinted/self directed world and let the real people look after their's.

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    I totally agree. It's a horrible country to be in if you put your knackers on the line because there are so many small minded dickheads out there ready to stamp on them.

    I have nothing but praise for the experiences I've had at HD as a spectator. The way they managed the communication of the cancelled Amon day last year was first rate.
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    For the people who have got nothing better to do but start rumours and belittle others, wait until all your race tracks start falling off the planet and turning into housing estates and shopping malls, just as we have been seeing here in Australia.
    I am really only new to this site and until recently befriended a fellow in NZ, I did not know that you had so much Vintage/Historic Motorsport. They should all be so LUCKY.
    All the Negatives should PUT UP or SHUT UP.
    Just my 2 cents.


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    I see in the latest Classic Driver that there is land near Nelson set aside for a motor racing circuit and also at Cromwell. Cromwell will be a club circuit.

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    Hats off to Tony Roberts & Chris Watson for developing Hampton Downs circuit. Even though it's exactly 150 Km's from my home I regard it as my local track and go there several times a year to enjoy the variety of events that they put on. More power to you guys & don't pay any attention to the knockers because they don't usually have the balls or the gumption to make anything happen let alone develop a motor racing circuit, residential apartments & commercial premises.

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    I understand that Steve will be joining us at the BMW Festival for the first weekend only. For those that have not met him here is your chance to put a face to the name. I would imagine that he will be spending a fair amount of time in Dale's (Kiwiboss) pit with the Historic Muscle Car group.

    Please make yourself known to Steve and the rest of us.

    Cheers Mike
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    If there really ever becomes a difficulty I would hope that we could all put our hands in our own pockets and help.
    Even a bit from every enthusiast would wind up being a fairly large lump. Tony and Chris have shown exceptionally large kahunas in putting HD together. They deserve any and all support we can give.

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    For all the overseas readers on this Forum, here are some views of the Hampton Downs circuit along with some of the facilities. Chris Watson & Tony Roberts should be very proud of what they have achieved - it's a great track, and we should all be supporting them!

    Views from the trackside apartments...

    Name:  View_from_apartment.jpg
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    Name:  Hampton_Downs_2.jpg
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    Name:  Apartment_2.jpg
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    The trackside apartments...

    Name:  Apartment_1.jpg
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    And the garages underneath the apartments...

    Name:  Hampton_Downs_Garage_2.jpg
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    Name:  _DSC0471.jpg
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    And here are some plans of the track. Below is the current 2.8km 'medium circuit' with six corners; a 1000 metre front straight (with a kink); and 11 metres of elevation change...

    Name:  Hampton_Downs_Map.jpg
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    Below is the plan for the full 3.8km circuit that is under construction. It will have 10 corners (6 right-hand and 4 left-hand) and a new 800 metre back straight. The circuit direction is clockwise...

    Name:  Track_Plan_Outline.jpg
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    These two images taken in September 2009 show both the current and future tracks...

    Name:  circiut_20september_2009.jpg
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    Name:  circiut_20september_2009_2.jpg
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    Once completed, Hampton Downs will in fact have three circuit configurations - the current 2.8km 'Medium' track; the 'Full' 3.8km circuit; plus a 1.2km 'Club' circuit with four corners.

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    Magnificent pictures John B, thanks for posting.

    Im sure this is NZ's first and only privately owned and built Motorsport complex(others are clubs and councils i think) so quite a major undertaking, and lets face it, if it was all about PROFIT i'm sure this is not the way!! be great if they could list shares so one could have an interest in this complex, i know i'd buy a few thousand, even if i never saw it again!! so in the mean time its our job to say good things, keep both partners positive and not winge when things don't go rite.

    Anyone heard whats happening at Pukekohe? seems the council is really coming down on the noise there, and now you have Harvey Norman and other industrial retails stores on the northern boundary, like Bay Park that's the start of a slow death? could be wrong!!

    Dale Mathers
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    Dale you are so right, we remember the Bay Park set up. Councillors looking after there own interest.

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    Having just returned from Ruapuna I am reminded what a massive step up Hampton Downs is for a motor racing facility in this country. Imagine if Tony and Chris can get all the proposed improvements completed! Hampton Downs is the future for top level car and bike racing in this country, the only venue worthy of an international event in my opinion.

    What they have done is truly heroic, I'm sure the only vision was for the motorsport experience, not personal gain. Whatever does happen through troubles, and these are troubled times, no financial corporate is going to drive a bulldozer through what has been built. Let's hope Tony and Chris stay in control because they have done great.

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    whats up i see on tv3 sport last night that there is talk about getting the super v8s stopped, looking at what was said some are saying that they have used there plans and money to get this off the ground, i have to say the new nzv8 does look good too the ones with the most money are going to come out on top in the end-the b-s-rolls on ,thats nz for you for me i like the nzv8s but thats just me old school look at the number of classes that are not doing very good at all today.

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    Interesting read in the Franklin County news;
    " Franklin County News
    John Key said on the radio this morning that the Govt was prepared to put $1 million towards upgrading Pukekohe Park to try and keep the V8 Supercars in NZ. Good idea? You think it will convince V8 Supercars to stay? Why is Hampton Downs totally out of the picture?"
    I wonder what the Cochroach has to say about it. He says that the Gold Coast Street race is safe but the rapid rail is going through part of it so that will make things interesting. The first chicane and hairpin onto the beachfront is part of the new rail line.

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    Have been watching V8's from HD. Not much seating for the general public. I see a lot standing behind fence. "Cockroach" said the other morning on radio talking about future V8 racing in NZ that HD had a lot of problems to sort out. What was he refering to?

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    In my experience of HD from a spectators perspective at the McLaren revival 2010, the people you see "standing behind a fence" are the lucky b*stards who get to wander to every corner of the track due to the fantastic walkway under the main straight. It was amazing being able to see the cars mid corner and mid slide from such different points around the circuit, rather than sitting on one side like looking at a slotcar track on the living room floor. I also recommend standing in the walkway when a huge field of F5000's roar over head!!

    Why don't some of these detractors relocate there businesses to brand new premises built on the border of a magnificent motorsport amphitheatre and support the future rather than be stuck in the past? ( I know its not that simple but....)
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    Personally I think that in the remote event of the Govt actually giving any money to Motorsport in NZ the $1million would (and by the time the money got to Brendan Telfers show - straight after Tony Veitch's interview with JK - it was $2 million) be far better being given to HD to complete the track extension. After all I am assuming the Gee Gee lot have done a backflip on the V8s at Puke, but what's to stop them doing another backflip in 2-3 years time?


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    I spent from 1961 till 1992 living across the road from the Puke track literally and for as long as i can remember, every time a new neighbour came into the area a petition was started to shut down the track because of the noise. They even whinged about the horse commentary when the wind blew the wrong direction. Bl..dy do gooders and there noise complaints. They will succeed eventually.
    They knew the track was there when they came yet they still built - same arguement as Western Springs I believe.

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    Pukekohe will need a lot more than a million spent on it before it is even a half decent venue. Toilets, food, spectator areas and the bumps in the track - to start with. Then they have to get rid of the bridge over the straight which has ruined the sight lines from both ends of the pit straight - which is where most of the spectators sit at Pukekohe because it's pretty much impossible to walk round the track and see other corners.

    One mill is too little, too late.

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