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Thread: Old Race Tracks

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    A quote from Jim "Flat out on the back straight at Puke, it fires every alternate lampost", I never realised there were lamposts down there!
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    The same was said of the Horsley/Kelly Puff...

    It had crook rings in one cylinder, so gave off a puff at every fourth firing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Dowding View Post
    Indeed Milan, I had to re-title the photo as had all the details - here is the programme cover - the Sports Car Race entry list and my own photos of the car and engine at Dunedin in 1984 with Ralph Smith.

    Attachment 61921

    Attachment 61922

    Attachment 61923

    That engine 30 years later ..
    Attachment 61924

    A sad day for the car after a contretemps in 1962 at Wigram.. from Art McKee archives..Forrest Cardon driving.
    on its second set of number plates the yellow and black -last of the old style.
    Previous [ original plate ] was was Cream and Burgundy " 427.793 " ]

    Attachment 61925

    And .. a scruffy but fast Lycoming in the hands of Jim Boyd, at Waimate in 1966 - with new Registration - permanent plates were in .. Flamboyant and FAST ..a great guy all round.
    Allan Dick photo -

    Attachment 61926

    In Steve Holmes new Book is a story on the Lycoming ..

    A Supplementary Edition of the book,“Ralph Watson Special Engineer” will be exclusively available here very soon and sales will contribute donations towards The Roaring Season. The book provides absolutely correct and exact technical details covering the Lycoming Special as well as its history.

    Watch this space. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by stubuchanan View Post
    Motor-bikes have also been raced at Drury, New Lynn,and Manukau City but the last 2 not in the "nostalgia" era.

    anyone know whereabouts in drury they raced?

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