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    Red face Good Evening

    Hopefully this will go some way to introduce me,I am Bob Homewood ,I have been around NZ motor sport in one way or another since 1961
    I have in that time been involved in preparing and building a good few cars along the way and driving them .also I guess I have been lucky enough along the way to have enjoyed a little bit of success doing both and got to work with some of the people who have been around the sport over those years
    NZ motor racing history is one of my interests ,especially the 50's to 70's period,I was lucky enough to have been at the first NZ Grand Prix and all the following ones at Ardmore also a lot of the very late 50,s Auckland area motor sport

    My thanks to those who have made this forum happen and I hope I can make some contribution to it

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    Hi Bob, great to have you here. Do you still own that fantastic Escort sports sedan you built and raced in the 80s?

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    Thanls Steve,yes I still have it ,had planned to have it at the Amon festival,if work and time allows ,I hope to have it at the Osca reunion ,the car is ready ,have just been delaying finally putting the engine back together until I have the time to run it,as I don't want to leave it sitting around on the valve springs

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    Well thats great to hear Bob, it was an exciting little car in its day, and a real giant killer. Will be great to see it out on track again.

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