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Thread: New Zealand Historic Muscle Cars Under HRC

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    Thanks GD, were lucky to have keen person in Dave Graham(and Keith Hargraves). So far its been a great system with a few minor niggles!! the regulations are becoming a less of a problem to those entering historic saloon racing in HMC as most are now "getting it" but still one can't undo 30 odd years of Kiwi hot-rod mentality overnight as that's the one outstanding reoccurrence we keep getting, EG: NO, they didn't use a "mono block radial mount caliper" on your 71 XY Falcon back then and as this is historic racing??(is one example) you gotta luv it though!!

    I've always said right from the get go we will continue to tweak and fine tune the regulations but this is requiring less and less of this these days.

    Dale M
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    71 Falcon caliper mounts with one radial and one flange mount bolt, more tweaking and fine tuning coming up..

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    Are 18months work Brett Pearce will have his HK Monaro at Januarys Festival of Motor Racing
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    Greetings HMC Racers, Fans, Gals and Guys

    Some Random Thoughts

    Historic Muscle Car and Saloon Car racing is the ultimate in amateur motor racing. There are many factors, which I think make it so. To a historic racing driver, each race can be as important, satisfying, or challenging as any other. From the high profile, mega event races, down to the smallest of club racing events that provide sheer exhilaration from driving our race car well. There is, to be sure, a unique satisfaction being in a competitive field, with the challenge of great road racing circuits in this country. Most of us race for our own satisfaction and to achieve our goals. Some race to win, but at a pace that our talent, car set up, physical condition, other competition, etc allow us to on the particular day.

    Where we finish may give us bragging rights in the post-race pits and at parties, but it does not guarantee another great result in the next race!

    The advantages of the Historic Muscle Car class are the secret ingredients in making our sport the greatest form of amateur racing in this country. There is a great variety of saloon cars in a given era and one can choose from several different models and styles, spanning the 60’s and 70’s, in which to go historic racing. The car one owns doesn’t become obsolete, nor need constant improvements or modernisation if raced in “the true spirit of Historic” and that’s what we in HMC are about. Most don’t drop in value with rule changes or passage of time - in fact they can escalate in value. Back in the day these cars, (the real ones), raced for trophies, glory, points and championships and sometimes prize money. Many of these legendry drivers won some, lost some, became legends along the way and I have no doubt they prized that experience. But the series and sanctioning bodies changed the rules all the time, moving the goal posts and rendering last year’s winner and vehicle obsolete. The vehicles usually decreased in value and got moved onto lesser known series and became more modified, taking years out of their racing life and value, until some ceased to even existed.

    The other plus factor for owning and racing a “Historic Muscle Car”, is that no constant, expensive, time-consuming updates are either required or desired (though some may desire!). Remember there should be no evolution in historic racing. In contemporary main stream racing, for which the motive is almost always to WIN or go faster and quicker, there are a couple of sayings which apply. “going faster cost more money. How much do you have?” “To win takes all your money and all your time”, plus in the best of historic saloon car racing worlds, we take pride in our cars and their history (if known) and we enjoy the privilege of racing them with other like-minded people. So I challenge all the competitors to give this some thought, and maybe be willing to sacrifice that third place plastic trophy, or that second race win for something far more valuable: The camaraderie and gentlemanly enjoyment of an amateur sport with like-minded friends.

    Those are some of my random thoughts of sorts, but as always, race in the spirt of true Historic Muscle Car racing and always enjoy the day and your vehicle.

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    MSNZ Classic and Historic Tyre Regulation changes

    Recently the MSNZ Historic and Classic commission implemented new tyre rule changes for Classic and Historic T&C Group 1 and 2 vehicles. Although this doesn’t effect HMC as we have implemented our own tyre regulations (which T&C is now alighted to) I do see this is a positive move in the right direction and I’d like to thank Raymond (Crunch) Bennett the H&C chairman, and the rest of the H&C commission for bringing these tyre rules in line with proper Historic/Classic racing, as used in period here in NZ and overseas. With the ever changing DOT tyres made by the various manufactures that seem to come and go in motorsport it had gotten ridiculous, to the point that a road legal radial slick tyre with two grooves, never intended for Classic and Historic racing, was considered acceptable so well done guys. For some event organisers these changes may mean nothing but let’s hope they gasp the concept and get classic and historic racing back to where it should be, well at least the tyres anyway.

    Goodyear Blue Streak Bias Ply Treaded Tyres as used by Fahey, Moffat, in period here in New Zealand and Hoosier HOTD Bias Ply Treaded Tyres as used by HMC today.

    A link to the regulations below, go to 3.13 Tyres to review these changes

    NZ Festival of Motor Racing, Hampton Downs, January 2015

    We (HMC) now have a class sponsor for the NZ Festival of Motor Racing in January. I’d like to welcome on-board “Classic Driver Magazine” for this two weekend historic meeting. Our group will now, for this event, be known as the Classic Driver Historic Muscle Cars. That has a good ring to it doesn’t it? Each vehicle will be required to fit a Classic Driver Magazine supplied sticker on each side of their car - not a big ask I think. Thanks goes to magazine owner Bruce Mountain for backing us, im sure we’ll give him good value.

    Once again we’ll have our NZ motorsport legends, Dennis Marwood, Paul Fahey, Kerry Grant, Leo Leonard, Ray Stone along for the festival but we need them all, we gotta round these guys up to honour them for their motorsport achievements so if anyone knows the where abouts of these guys please contact me or Steve Elliott . Also any other notable racing legends from our great era of the 60’s and early 70’s, the years are ticking on for all these fellas so we gotta do it now.

    Entries for this event are now open online, so please enter now this helps the event and class organisers sort out the groups. Make sure you tick the “Marquee” box as whether rain or shine you will need it, certainly a bargain and also keeps our group together.

    It’s looking very likely we’ll have a full grid of 30 cars so all races will be rolling start, those that raced in Australia last year enjoyed this style and found it easier on the car, we’ll talk more about this at drivers briefing. Speaking of drivers briefing, all must be in attendance and a roll call will be taken. Qualifying will set the first morning scratch race starting grid positions, the afternoon race will be reverse top 10 and the winner of every race will start from the very rear in the next. Remember this is display racing so we must put on a show for the paying public, but don’t worry it will still be competitive and exciting.

    For those interested see our event schedule below for a pre Festival twilight practice session on Dec 18th.

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    Go here for Festival details: of contact Jim Barclay at for further details

    Our current event schedule as below:

    A. Pre Festival 4pm to 7pm, Dec 18th Twilight Test Session, Hampton Downs for HMC cars(others welcome)
    3. Howden Ganley Festival, January 16-18th 2015 at Hampton Downs
    4. Howden Ganley Festival, January 23-25th 2015 at Hampton Downs
    5. Legends of Speed, March 28-29th 2015 at Hampton Downs
    6. Days of Thunder, Queensland Raceway, Australia, June 2015
    7. The Lakeside Classic, Lakeside Raceway, Australia, July 2015

    Australian Trans Am

    It’s now confirmed that 8 Australian Trans Am cars will be shipped over for the Festival to race with the Historic Muscle Cars, although racing to a different set of regulations these cars are still on period 15” wheels and tyres, have conforming body work and other tightly controlled regulations. Both class’s continue to work together to keep the performance levels evenly matched and remember, of all the historic/classic saloon car class’s in Australia and New Zealand, this is the most closely matched Trans-Tasman class that’s equal in looks and performance, this is very important. So come January you will see some fantastic trans-Tasman historic saloon car racing that’s not to be missed.

    The Australian Trans Am series have their annual Prize Giving/X-Mas Dinner and end of season function on 15th November in Brisbane, anyone from NZ is welcome to attend. Please contact John English for further Details.

    Historic Saloon Cars(U3L)

    Its still work in progress but I can see this will be a rapidly growing class. From today’s date onwards, this group will be for Saloon/Sedan cars pre 12/77 only, as recommend by the Production Manufacture or FIA. All make and model under 3 litre saloons that actually raced in New Zealand and Australia, back in the period will be given preference over saloons that did not. This does not mean that any odd-ball saloons won’t be welcome, we just need to know what they are first before approving. Remember, it’s the recreation of history that interests us. Obviously vehicles like MK 1/2 Escorts, Mini’s, Datsun’s, Mazdas, Vivas and others were the more common small saloon in the day and will always be welcome, but we need to keep track of them. All cars must have a current MSNZ COD and be to Schedule K or T&C regulations, this is mandatory.

    HMC Drivers/Owners Meeting

    At the recent Ice Breaker meeting we attempted to organise an HMC conference/get together which didn’t pan out due to me been sick and unable to stay, along with other circumstances. I must apologize for this as most went out of their way to attend. In the future we will have at most every race meeting some sort of racer/driver/car owner get-together to discuss the direction of HMC and other ideas, this maybe from the social aspect up to organising racing at other tracks. My involvement with the Historic Trans Am group in the USA has shown me how they do this and it works for them, so at the Festival we’ll plan some sort of group meeting, this could be prior to the Festival but at least I know at this event most will be in attendance, watch this space.

    Other News: If you’re looking to build, buy or update your current HMC car with improvements you must always keep check of the website rules page for updates. We are from time to time adjusting the rules for better understanding, this is usually minor but recently we decided to limited the wheel rim width on smaller cars like Chev Monza’s, Torana 6’s, Capri V8’s & V6’s, 64/6 Mustangs/Falcons, etc as although HMC has a 10” wide wheel rule these cars simply can’t fit a rim that wide without oversize sports sedan style flares, although some think you can! You can still offcourse use the same tyre such as the larger rear 26.5X9.5X15 Hoosier that was designed for an 8” wide wheel. We do have a very good tyre rule that’s unchanged which allows for the maximum size tyres front and rear, always check that you have the correct tyre size as per the rules, no exceptions.

    MG Classic Meeting, Manfield.

    This is always a great event and worth attending and in its 29th year, well organised and well run so please support Ron and team, the dates are November 14/15/16th

    That’s it for another month, any further information contact me, Tony or Steve direct, or turn up at any of the above events for a chat. I’m always happy to talk HMC and historic saloon car racing in general! Remember we have a monthly article in Classic Car Magazine on HMC happenings, along with our race dates, so purchase from your local book store to keep up with what’s going on.

    Take care and race carefully!

    HMC Tech Auditor, David Graham COD Licence # 23013
    HMC Tech Auditor, Keith Hardgraves, MSNZ Licence Officer,
    HMC Photographers, Mike Feisst, Phil Noble, Greg Panton, Euan Cameron, Terry Marshall, Alex Mitchell, and anyone else I’ve missed
    HMC Facebook Page, Mike Feisst with Phil Noble helping
    HMC Classic Car Magazine articles, Steve Holmes

    HMC Directors
    Dale Mathers, or 07-758-8852
    Tony Roberts, or 021-133-2895
    Steve Holmes, or 06-370-3939

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    Gary Raiti XA Falcon Coupe

    Gary Raiti Red XA Falcon coupe comes under pressure for the angry pack of Historic Muscle cars
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    Glenn Allingham, 71 XY Falcon, 580HP 351 Cleveland, 4 speed Toploader, 9” diff, 15X8 Minilites Wheels, has Motorsport NZ Certificate of Description(COD) and is HMC compliant. See this fantastic looking XY Falcon racing at Januarys Festival of motor Racing in the Historic Muscle Car and Australian Trans am class
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    Murray Brown, 70 Camaro Z28, 377 SB Chevy, cast iron dart 23 degree heads, 600HP, 4 speed Jerico, ford 9" Diff, 15X9 and 10" Minilite wheels, has Motorsport NZ Certificate of Description(COD) and is HMC compliant, Murray has already put in his Festival or Motor Racing entry in the Historic Muscle Car class and is keen to take on the visiting Aussies in January.
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    A couple of beauties.

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    Historic Sports Sedan fearless leader and HMC racer John McKechnie in his 73 XA Falcon coupe, stroked 351 Cleveland, 630HP, 4 Speed Toploader, Traction lock 9" diff, 15X10 wheels with Goodyear blue Streak tyres, car is HMC compliant with a full MSNZ COD and John has put his entry in for the Festival already, a cool car with a strong following
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    Pete "Mr Meat" Stevenson, 66 Mustang FB, Pete has a newly built 347 stroker engine with dart iron heads making 600HP(like giving a monkey a machine gun, LOL) 4 speed Jerico replacement gearbox, 9" diff, 15X8.5 wheels rear and 15X8 front with Hoosier bias tyres, Shelby R front and bonnet, HMC compliant with a MSNZ COD, the crafty ol butcher has entered the Festival and is keen to take on the Aussies.
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    Dave and Ken Sturrock have entered and paid up there Festival entry in there much anticipate 67 HMC Camaro, currently he is hard out working on this beast to make sure he makes it, the workmanship is simply awesome and car is a lot further on than the picture here!! All iron Small Block 406 Chevy, Kinsler mechanical fuel injection, Tex 101/T10 gearbox, AP brakes, 15X10 wheels and Hoosier tyres. This Camaro currently has a COD and will be HMC compliant for this event. If he makes it will be a fantastic effort, and certainly a lot cheaper than the FREE beer and meals he's promised everyone if he doesn't LOL
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    Another one who's entered early is Kevin(i'll show those Aussies)Gimblett, having changed his Camaro to meet HMC regulations Kevin has raced at just about every HMC event including all the Festivals and was one of the 8 HMC cars to make the Australian trip last year. His 67 Camaro is prepare in Dale Earnhardt livery and runs a 406 all iron SB Chevy making 630HP, Jerico gearbox, ford 9" diff, Wilwood brakes, Kevin is an ex super saloon speedway dirt track racer and has taken to Historic racing like a duck to water. Kevin had to remove his aluminium cylinder heads, modern brakes, 16" wheels, aluminium diff head and a few other small items to meet HMC rules, he was one of the first persons to do so, his Camaro is HMC compliant and with a full COD.
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    Great to hear that the Sturrock Camaro will be on the grid come mid January. The livery should make the car stand out in the field. The field is certainly starting to look appertising to say the least. This group should provide some of the most watched races at the festival as they have done in the past.

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    Nigel MacDonald is the latest Festival entry for the Historic Muscle Car class, Nigels impressive 67 Mustang Fastback is powered by a 289 stroker engine make 347CI, 580HP, cast iron dart cylinder heads, 4 IDA weber carburettors, Jerico Toploader replacement gearbox, trusty old 9" diff, Wilwood brakes, 15X8 torque thrust wheels with class compliant Hoosier HOTD tyres. Nigel(like Gimblett) was one of the first guys to remove his non-complaint parts to make his Mustang HMC legal, and has a Motorsport NZ COD.
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    The latest HMC Festival entry is Roger Williams in his Ex-Joe Chamberlain replica 69 Camaro, Roger is one of the newest guys to join the HMC ranks with his American A-Sedan Camaro that mostly raced on the west coast of the USA. Been an American A-Sedan car meant it was already very close to HMC regulations only requiring door glass, headlights, etc to comply. Fitted with a all iron 377CI small block Chevy, Tex T-10 gearbox, 12 bolt diff, wilwood brakes and period correct magnesium 15X8 wheels and Hoosier tyres. This car had only been in NZ two weeks and he was at the track, a great addition to the class. Has motorsport NZ COD to comply and Rogers spectacular sideways driving will make him one two watch.
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    What, no Boss Mustang entered? Or are you just keeping mum on your details Dale? Was that 800HP mate???

    On a more serious note are we going to see a Kiwi Cuda? How long before we see the ex-Red Dawson Shelby back (in electric blue)? Will there be anyone taking up the challenge of driving the PDL Mustang tribute car? With the rumoured 8 Aussies will we see over 20 HMCs at the Festival? Sorry, so many questions - fill my Christmas stocking Dale!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murray Maunder View Post
    What, no Boss Mustang entered? Or are you just keeping mum on your details Dale? Was that 800HP mate???

    On a more serious note are we going to see a Kiwi Cuda? How long before we see the ex-Red Dawson Shelby back (in electric blue)? Will there be anyone taking up the challenge of driving the PDL Mustang tribute car? With the rumoured 8 Aussies will we see over 20 HMCs at the Festival? Sorry, so many questions - fill my Christmas stocking Dale!!!
    Yes off-course I've entered Murray, the 800HP engine is for Australia only, not allowed that in HMC buggar!!

    Yes Sinclair's have entered the Cuda but Nigel wont have the Dawson car available, its still at the painters but he'll race his Apache mustang and Tony Roberts will once again drive the PDL until it finds a new owner(one day) currently with the 8 Aussie cars we have 28 cars entered, remember we could just fill the field with all and sundry modernized look-a-like vehicles but that's not what proper historic racing and this event is about, the "Cars are the Stars"

    Dale M

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    Ah, you mean like this stuff, Dale ?
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    Couldn't wait to get a look at their delayed arrival in Perth, then I looked inside : good, old-fashioned silhouette racing at its best...

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