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Thread: New Zealand Historic Muscle Cars Under HRC

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    Ahh yes, the dilemma for many racers; showmanship versus lap times. One wins the adoration of the crowd, the other wins races. But sadly showmanship rarely wins races.

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    This is the imported Goodyear Blue Streaks for HMC, only one NEW set left so looking like the tyre for our group!!!

    Dale Mathers
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    The latest HMC Newsletter put together by Dale:

    Greetings HMC Followers and Racers

    First up we must congratulate Arthur Vowles, Bernie Hines and the Historic under 3 Litre T&C Saloon group for their first and successful race meeting at the HRC Icebreaker event last month. They had a great field of 15 cars with more to come. This group will be racing with HMC at the Festival of Speed January 21st to 29th and because theyíre under 3L donít for one minute think they are slow . There are some very quick cars in this group that'll give us V8 guys a run for our money, and if it rains look out(itís not going to though).

    Once again Steve Holmes has some great articles in the current issues of NZV8 and NZ Classic Car magazines (out today), always worth a read. Progress is slowly building amongst HMC with some furiously working on cars to ready them for Januarys Festival of Speed. There are several others that wonít make it and thatís OK as we are looking forward to the future, not just this one event .

    As Iíve mentioned in the past, all cars must be Motorsport NZ T&C and HMC correct, we want quality not quantity. The HMC rules are based on the original MSNZ T&C Historic and Classic Commission Regulations that have been in place in the MSNZ manual since the mid 80's, this is the foundation of HMC, you guys should read it when time permits.

    Once Januarys(2012) Festival of Speed is finished our follow up events will be the Tasman Revival, 18/19th Feb at Hampton Downs and the Legends of Speed, 24/5th March at Pukekohe. Iím working on one further event possibly at Manfield towards the end of summer, will keep you posted on this one, otherwise this summer will be steady as she goes.

    It is looking very likely we may have several cars from the Australian Trans Am group based out of Brisbane to race with us in January. Still early days yet and a few technical issues to sort but once the final go ahead is given Iíll let you all know. To piece this together will be great for NZ and Australian Historic Motorsport and most likely instigate the old Trans Tasman rivalry wars from days gone by, gotta be good stuff!!

    Several technical questions have come through in the last month which Iím very pleased about, as it means you are seriously looking at the rules http://www.grandprix.org.nz/nz-muscle-cars.wse . Sometimes to understand a wording or ruling can be difficult, so feel free to call or E-Mail myself dmathers@xtra.co.nz or Tony Roberts tony@hamptondowns.com for clarification. It can save a lot of expense and time later down the road.

    One question that came up was about Carburetion, fuel injection, single or multiple carburettors. You are allowed what was raced back in the day, on your particular model vehicle or "Period" vehicle as we call it. The criteria with any "Period" intake system is that it must fit under the "Standard Series Production Bonnet" which quite often wasn't the case back in the day, but for HMC it is a "must". So you can use a "Period" Lucas Fuel Injection system on your Camaro, Corvette, etc but it would have to be a Cross Over/Lay Over system.

    Another case which i saw recently at Eastern Creek was on a HK Monaro where this one particular car was running a 350 Chev in group NC and it had 4 side draught webers on a cross over manifold, the owner told me he couldn't use upright IDA webers as they won't fit under the bonnet and as the Monaro's didn't have any suitable "Factory" bonnet scoop for clearance and he isnít allowed to modify the bonnet under the Australian CAMS Historic rules. The same applies here to HMC, all must fit under the "Standard Series Production Bonnet". Dean Camerons 65 Mustang Fastback is a classic case where upright IDA weber's fit under the correct Shelby bonnet. Why is his Mustang allowed a Shelby bonnet? Well because more than 100 where made on a "Standard Series Production Car" being a 65/6 Mustang body style of the same make and model (they made 562, 65 Shelby's).

    The other odd question has been in relation to Cylinder Heads, but this is really pretty much done and dusted as there is enough information (Google) out there these days, so that you just can't get away with any "tall" stories. Of course I got asked what about Rover V8's, well aluminium cylinder heads came on them as a "standard series production car" in which a 100 or more where made!! Poor ol Rovers.

    Wheels have been a subject of conversion recently with several going to 15" including myself (see attached photo). I have just imported 10 sets for this class, most are already spoken for, but you can still use your 16" wheels providing they are fitted with the appropriate 50 profile DOT tyre minimum.

    Even with a 15" you must use a 50 profile DOT tyre unless you choose to use the allowable "Period" Goodyear Blue Streaks, and although we plan to revert all back to 15" in the future this will be done over a suitable period of time. When this happens your 16's can still be used as a rain tyre set, so all is not lost. As I have mentioned in the past, if you're having to purchase a wheel set now its probably best to buy 15's, several have already ordered Minilites which will look very cool on any American or Aussie Muscle car.

    If anyone wants to catch up for a chat i will be racing at the MG Classic, Manfield, November 12/13th, always happy to talk Historic Cars.

    Details and entry for January's Festival will be out shortly so keep an eye on their website at http://www.nzfmr.co.nz/ and please enter early. This does 2 things, helps the organisers plan the event layout and you get entry fee's out of the way before X-mas. The Marquee tents are optional but I ask all HMC racers to rent one, whether rain or shine it is worth it and keeps us all grouped together, and although this event is about BMW cars and Motorsport , it is also about Historic Race Cars in general.

    Another reminder to check that your MSNZ Race Licence is up to date, if itís lapsed you will need to resit it again!! Hate for you to turn up at a HMC event with no licence and can't race, its an item that is easily over looked.

    Our HMC website is now up and running, www.historicmusclecars.co.nz and also go to www.theroaringseason.com for great Historic motorsport stuff and online forum.

    Here's some great old YouTube video of what Historic Racing is all about, 3 wheeling an all http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYQKK...5BE01E213A968E

    So thatís about it for me again this month, daylight saving is in and the days are stretching out so keep it up and keep working towards that end goal, and remember our HMC motto "The Cars are the Stars" otherwise you're racing with the wrong class, and make sure you join HRC http://www.grandprix.org.nz/Contact_Us.wse their $50 membership deal is a bargain.

    Take Care

    Dale Mathers
    HRC Member
    HMC Director
    Tauranga, NZL
    Ph 07-578-8852 anytime

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    There is some great racing there Dale. Love the Alan Mann Falcon Coupe and the Mk II Cortinas. The drivers are really giving them heaps. The helmuts look like those of Graham Hill and maybe even Jim Clark.

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    Thats good isn't it! I've embedded the footage in here. One of the Cortinas does look to be Hill, and thats him who spears off the track, just stopping short of that pond. I wonder if the rear tyre blew. They sure were leaning heavily on them!

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    Note the number on the Cortina, wonder if there is something about that number that makes Fords want to cock a wheel.

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    Its looking increasingly like approx 4 - 8 cars will be headed to New Zealand from Australia for the opening two events of the new Historic Muscle Cars class at the 2012 New Zealand Festival of Motor Racing, Celebrating BMW Motorsport.

    The cars are all from the Queensland based Australian Trans-Am Championship, which uses rules similar to those of the original SCCA Trans-Am during the 1966 - 72 period, with a few exceptions made for the sake of cost. Dale should be able to add more info as soon as he gets the chance. There are also several Australian Group Nc Historic Touring Cars which compete in the class.

    More info on this class can be found here: http://www.transamracing.com.au/

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    The addition of the Aussie teams going up against the Kiwi HMC cars should help re-ignite some of the old Trans-Tasman rivalries that were so popular during the late 1960s and early '70s.

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    This Ford Capri Perana replica is owned by Tom Lancaster and is set to go for the opening HMC event. The Perana was a South African special, being a V8 powered Capri produced in small numbers.

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    This is Dave Sturrocks 67 Camaro. Is undergoing a big rebuild, including engine, rollcage, paint etc. Dave had just fitted his Minilites and Goodyear Bluestreak tyres for this shot. The car will eventually be blown apart for paint, and probably won't be ready in time for the opening HMC event, but will be a welcome addition when it arrives. Dave is a member on here, I'm hoping he'll run a thread on the build of this car.

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    Will be fantastic to see some of the Aussie TransAm cars make the journey across the ditch. Hopefully this will stir up even more interest on both sides of the Tasman and get more cars to the grid. Nothing like a bit of Trans Tasman rivalry to stir the pot.

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    This is Graeme Duffys 68 Firechicken being built for HMC. Still about 6 months from completion. Paint scheme is based on the Jerry Titus Firebird as it ran at Daytona in 1969. Titus joined the Terry Godsall Firebird team in late 1968 after leaving the Shelby Ford factory team.

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    Dale tells me that six Aussies are planning to bring their cars over for the first big go at HD. With the Kiwis who look like they will be starters plus the 0-3000 class it should be a great grid - maybe 32 - 35.

    Of course it would be great to have 25-30 musclecars but what was a good grid of big-bangers in the 70s anyway? Even when Beechey, Moffatt and Geoghegen came over I don't reckon the number often reached double figures and a grid would be strongly represented by Escorts, Coopers and Imps.

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    Yes, just got back from Aus, was invited to the Australian Trans Am dinner/prize giving saturday night at Wynnum, Brisbane and gave a brief speech, then spoke with each individual about Hampton Downs, NZ classic racing in general and our Historic Muscle Car group. They are an invited group and run to there own rules which differ's from HMC, but i'd say across the board not much ontrack difference. So far 5 have logged on and paid for the Januarys Festival with one more to come, so thats 4 Camaro's, one Mustang and a group Nc XUI Torana!! and offcourse half them are Kiwis anyway as QLD really is the "West Island" LOL. Some of these Aussies have never been to NZ so lets do our best to make these guys welcome in Jan as this is a big effort of there behalf and great support for our HMC group.

    At this stage im working on 10 HMC cars, 5 Aussie Trans Am cars and 1 Nc Aussie Torana along with say 20 under 3L Saloons which will give us a pretty good feild to kick of HMC and the under 3L saloons and GT's. Hopefully, just hopefully this will start a presidence in NZ classic and Historic racing? probably wishfull thinking on my behalf but time will tell.

    Dale Mathers

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    Sounds like a really great field for January. Thanks for all your efforts Dale and Steve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murray Maunder View Post
    Dale tells me that six Aussies are planning to bring their cars over for the first big go at HD. With the Kiwis who look like they will be starters plus the 0-3000 class it should be a great grid - maybe 32 - 35.

    Of course it would be great to have 25-30 musclecars but what was a good grid of big-bangers in the 70s anyway? Even when Beechey, Moffatt and Geoghegen came over I don't reckon the number often reached double figures and a grid would be strongly represented by Escorts, Coopers and Imps.
    Yep, you're right there Murray. In fact, other than the Trans-Am series, wherever there were V8 tin tops being raced anywhere in the world, there were only usually 6-8 V8 cars at best, with the rest of the field being made up with smaller capacity machines. Take the final year of the Improved Production category in Australia as an example, 1972. There was Bob Janes Camaro, Allan Moffat Mustang, and Pete Geoghegans GTHO Falcon. Norm Beechey ran most events with his HT Monaro, but this car was geting long in the tooth and was really no longer competitive. John Harvey ran a couple of races in Bob Janes new HQ Monaro, plus Malcolm Ramsey had an F5000 powered HQ Kingswood. And that was it for the big bangers. The rest of the fields were put together with small capacity cars and Series Production cars.

    So in a way we're spoiled with modern historic racing as there have been so many cars built for this, much more so than there ever was in period.

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    This is Dave Hands 69 Mustang FB, he's just fitted his Minilite wheels and goodyear blue Streaks, some fine tweeking and he's ready to go for Januarys Festival!!!

    Dale Mathers
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    Dave's car looks outstanding! I love the look of the period size wheels and tyres.

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    Roll on next month so that we can see these great cars doing their thing - with the drivers hanging on for dear life. LOL

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    I've bought my ticket for the second weekend & can't wait to see these cars up close & personal.

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