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    Smile Brett Young Intro

    Hi there,
    60 years old so I was there in the 70's at Levin and Bay Park etc..
    Born and raised in Feilding so saw Manfeild being built.. Not a racer as such but did do a lot of indoor karting a while back and created a Telecom Team that beat all comers to a prize trip to Surfers Indycar race in 94. eat ya heart out Greg Brinck!! heh.
    Currently residing in Lower Hutt surrounded in the Toy Room by many diecast cars, plastic planes, diecast Tanks, many racing and aircraft books and magazines and many many historic videos.
    I draw historic racers (mainly NZ ones) and sell them on Trademe and ebay for pocket money (to enable the diecast car collection). Have had commissions from Jim Richards and Clark Proctor. You may have seen them under the trademe member name faminz. I draw with a mate (who does Trains every sunday morning.. heres our blog
    Just bought the Pete Lyons Canam book (the latest one in a box). Hate the black backgrounds but otherwise a superb book.
    Have also spent many years online racing using just about all the PC simulations from Revs to GPL to rFactor.. nickname there was Bunter... go figure!
    Most liked Historic racing is the F5000's, hope one day to see them at eastern Creek Muscle Car Masters. Bucket list top thing is Goodwood revival... one day... one day...
    good mates now with Mike Fiesst and his wife, we seem to go to many of the same events and have taken lots of photos over the years.
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    latest drawing

    This is my latest drawing I have on the go...
    sorry about the image, mates camera didnt do a good job...

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