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Thread: Formula 3 Championship to hit North America…

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    Formula 3 Championship to hit North America…

    We are starting a Formula 3 Championship to run races in the Northeast Corridor of the continent to make it easier for race teams in this area to get to circuit venues.

    We're currently importing F3 cars from Europe and some will be from the Italian F3 Series where they use the Fiat FPT engines. Our races will all be support events to larger displacement Series' such as Grand Am, ALMS, Formula 1 as examples.

    A Formula 3 car is the easier and closest machine to a Formula 1 car that one would be able to drive safely on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. There always has been a strong correlation between these 2 Formulas with the same manufacturers, teams, drivers and historically.

    Formula 1 has always been a strong attraction in Canada with the annual Grand Prix. Formula 1 now is growing in the states more so than it ever has done in its rocky past.

    Our own Formula 3 Championship being support races to the Canadian Grand Prix and upcoming Formula 1 races in the states would build our Series up tremendously.

    You can find more information on the Championship through our website; and use the Contact page for any interest or questions on the Series.

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    I supply F3 cars and parts in UK
    i dont see the mileage in running Fiat engine in Canada it will be far more economical to try running something like the Spanish Toyota engine
    its well proven for cost reliabilty more miles between rebuilds
    However it is NOT a pure f3 engine but a road car tuned motor with larger restrictor
    Canada is a large country with smaller population than for its landmass so you really need to consider event planning ie 3 races per weekend
    Also longer shelf life from chassis to keep costs down and I would propose the 305/08 car for 2 years to get the series running then introduce the 09 car in for 2 years and let the 05 car become class B
    need to control test dates and tyre use so the costs are kept in check
    UK F3 is 20 rounds many test days £500k budgets plus accident damage costs and it getting out of control
    we have lower grids now and the Euro F3 and Japanese F3 are in single figures at some events when they should have 20 plus car grid

    The website is not offering much in the way of info dates teams so you need to keep it updated weekly with info
    F3 is a great series and cars are superb to drive and good educational category for both drivers mechanics engineers
    just keep a lid on the costs and make it stand out with more races per weekend maybe reverse grid and offer some end of season test drive in next up the ladder series and look to FFord to offer them a free race or test session to the national and regional winners to gee them along
    Yes I know Im behind you guys, i like warm beer and it rains a lot here too.

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    You have Formula 3 cars and parts for sale? What cars and parts do you have, can you provide me a list? Let's talk sometime if possible, email me directly through my website; and I'll call you when it's convenient for you. Cheers...

  4. #4 me anytime or email me through my website;

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    i have sent you email long time ago on this matter
    resent a message today
    Yes I know Im behind you guys, i like warm beer and it rains a lot here too.

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