My name is Greg Stokes - son of Mark Stokes - certifier and hot rodder in Auckland. I am 31, and work at the NZ Hot Rod Magazine. Prior to that I worked at Garth Hogan's Pioneer Auto Parts and before that at Pro Topline and travelled to the USA selling and marketing Pro Action Cylinder Heads. (I always admired the Craig Pulman and Phil Schubert's Falcons too)
I am more into traditional hot rodding and nostalgia drag racing, I have a sixties era '32 hiboy roadster that is built in memory of the late Pete Dore - see pic below. I also have a front engine dragster project that I am sharing with my father - it will run a blown and injected Model A four cylinder engine. The frame is the old Martin/Rea flathead V8 one.
I joined here after getting an email from Steve Holmes. After attending the McLaren & Amon Festivals and reading about NZ motorsport history in Classic Car and Classic Driver, my interest in vintage or nostalgic/historic motor racing has certainly grown. You will see elsewhere that Dad is starting a recreation of the Morrari too.
I look forward to seeing what else is out there and getting to know some of you.
Greg Stokes

My roadster

Our dragster